What Is The Bathroom Bill

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What Is The Bathroom Bill and why it become controversy? Bathroom bill is legislation statue that defines into public facility access, especially into rest room by transgender in personally. The controversy from this bathroom bills are comes with the role for exclude transgender from public restroom by conform their identity gender and that make both of transgender and cisgender feel less safe to enter the public restrooms. Furthermore, there are no single documents that state transgender that attack cisgender in restrooms. Otherwise, there are transgender that has been harassed and attacked by cisgender in public facilities both by verbally, physically and even sexually. With this evidence, there are several state that then flush away the bathroom bill.

What Is The Bathroom Bill

One country that releases their bathroom bill, North Carolina issues this bill into Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. In United States itself, in March 2016 the application of Title IX is released together from United States Department of Justice and US department of Education for protect transgender students. It is due to the landmark case from 2013 where Colorado Civil Rights favor of 6 year transgender student to use girl bathroom in her school. There are different state that release bathroom bill in US by recent years of 2016 and 2017. In Alabama, bathroom bill has introduces in February 7 2017 by Phil William. If the bill passed, then there are will be attendants required into mixed gender bathroom for ensure there are no crimes there. In Arizona, bathroom bill failed to pass with sponsored by John Kavanagh in 2013. September 2016, Governor of California Jerry Brown sign the bathroom bill that mandated the single occupancy for neutral gender that makes transgender easier for access. The law has been effective since 1 March 2017. In several state, there are bathroom bill that introduced and not passed yet.

There are mixed opinion in public about the transgender bathroom rights in US. A research from Pew research show that there are about 51% from adult in US respondent state that transgender should be allow into public restrooms that correspond with gender that they are recognized with in recently. Meanwhile there are 46% take opposite opinion with transgender should use bathroom where they are born into. Meanwhile the recent research from YouGov polling in early March 2017 shows that 40% Americans people are agree to law that require transgender for use bathroom that correspond with their birth gender.

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