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Louis Vuitton on maneuvers on design

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What is Louis Vuitton? – The debut at Design Miami with a new dedicated space inside the fair. And then a major project that will be unveiled during the Outside the hall of Milan Design Week, scheduled 4 to 9 April 2017. Not to mention the launch of gifting collection expected in January. Louis Vuitton, among Objets nomades and home projects, focuses on the living-design.

A segment that is giving us great satisfaction, explained in this interview with MFF ceo Michael Burke. That in Miami, with a dinner in the setting of the futuristic maison 6466 North bay road, celebrated the new entries of the Objets nomades, baptized in Miami: the Blossom table stool by Tokujin Yoshioka armchair Fur cocooon brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana.

You launched the Objets nomades in 2002 and the collection has grown year after year. What was the reaction of customers to this new type of product?

I have to say. It all started from trunks that are our heart and that more and more customers of the house bought not for traveling but for decorating, maybe catching up even antiques. The idea came from here. We understand that customer Vuitton wanted to design pieces and contemporary but true to our concept. Then we put together the project: give carte blanche to some international design talents to create objects in three “rules”. Use our materials, namely leather and wood. And share an idea of travel. Have a function, which enables it to interact with the human body, as there are pieces of art. Et voilà the Objets nomades which are the magic carpet signed LV.

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Thanks to the project you have conquered a new customer?

Let’s say that our customers love the Objets nomades and we had a great slice of new clients who approached us with this project. This is also why we chose to debut among the exhibitors of Design Miami. Who read our values with an eye again.

Today the Objets nomades are only tailored… You will continue in this direction?

Yes, it’s also what makes them special. But we will expand in some store’s largest by square footage, space dedicated to him. But we like the idea that these objects are couture, ready after four months of work…

In January will debut the new gifting collection of small household items… Should we expect a complete home collection in the future of the brand?

No, we will work to strengthen the world living by Vuitton but there will be a collection of furniture. There will be small household items and large objects for living in accordance with a living luxurious à la Vuitton.

And attention to the design world will be marked at Fuori salone in Milan during design week of next April.

Yes, we’re going to make a big event yet to be defined. What is certain is that we will grow the family of Objets nomades, which now has about fifteen projects, so dense. Last year in Milan we unveiled the collaboration with Marcel Wanders. This year in Miami we present the project by Tokujin Yoshioka. And, in April, we will reveal a series of substantial new entries.

Where do you produce the Objets nomades? And how is the business of this Division?

We mainly produce in Italy, thanks to a network of workshops of primary importance, and in France. The Objets nomades are true business, beyond our expectations… We have requests from all countries and the turnover is growing steadily since launching yesterday.

Your link with the world of design and architecture has always been strong even considering the locations of fashion shows cruise of Nicolas Ghesquière for ready to wear brand… Rio de Janeiro after Palm Springs and what will be the next step?

Asia… We will go to Asia for the Cruise of 2018. But I can’t say anymore. Let’s say that after France with Monaco, North and South America with Nicolas, we thought it was time to turn our gaze to the East.

About Nicolas Ghesquière, chasing rumors about this part of his output, on the other a renewal until 2018. What’s going on?

I’m just saying they are gossips and our relationship is very successful because the arrival of Nicolas has dramatically changed the brand. His vision is so powerful that in addition to clothing is infecting everyone else faces of Vuitton, from accessories to shoes, and even those areas more new or marginal compared to the overview. Then, as in all the couples discussing and arguing but what happens when love is still strong. And ours is definitely strong.

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