What is a Log House?

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Building a log of wood is convenient. The log house are quite inexpensive, they last a long time and have very low maintenance costs.

The wooden houses, commonly known as log house or block house, are a new type of houses made entirely of wood and constructed by overlapping of massive logs of various sizes, square or rounded edges, that fit each other allowing you to weld the walls and making it impossible for their movement. Assembly of the log house is designed in such a way as to ensure seal against air and water infiltration inside the building, as well as the sealing of joints and corners. The whole process requires a highly skilled workforce.

This particular methodology already in use for many years in Northern Europe, is slowly catching on even in Italy. One example is the company Log House Sicily, which makes homes for wood logs to measure for each type you need.

Make a log house, it means using only natural materials and certified origin, respecting the parameters of environmental friendliness and bio-compatible; an ecological house so to speak, they all dream of finding in the mountains in winter evenings or that can be a perfect refuge in mountainous areas even in summer seasons.

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Thanks to the high efficiency of the materials used compared to conventional materials used for reinforced concrete structures, the Log house, are the best currently available type.

Thermal conductivity and energy saving of log houses of wood

Wooden log houses exploit the low thermal conductivity of wood and interface with other natural ingredients, achieving excellent results with regard to thermal insulation.

As a result, the buildings remain warm in winter and cool in summer, making the house more comfortable and livable. As for energy conservation, the log house due to drastic reduction of energy consumption, leads to having lower costs with regard to the cooling equipment and cooling of homes.

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How long does a Log House

The average duration of a House with wooden trunks is about four generations, but like a car or a pair of shoes is maintenance-free. With due care, however, you can keep the property in perfect shape as on the day of delivery. Maintenance is also not expensive, time and money, not as traditional brick houses.

In the world, in fact, it’s not hard nor uncommon to find examples of wooden houses built more than 400 years ago, and currently inhabited with regularity.

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How to build a Log House

To build a log house in wood are important passages:

  • Design
  • Installation and Assembly
  • Equipment installation
  • Finishes

Designing a Log House is very important, as at this stage all the dreams, desires and expectations of the customer will have to begin to take shape, foreshadowing the shapes and structure that will house the future. In this regard, to ensure homes corresponding to the needs, the Log House Sicily employs a great team of designers, capable of providing viable alternatives in case the customer is not completely satisfied from the original idea.

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Overcoming this first step, we will proceed to the installation and Assembly. It should be specified that the shipyard a wooden log house, in addition to being less noisy than that of a conventional house in concrete, has a reduced duration and employs fewer workers, because the work comes down to simple Assembly of parts of the wood.

Once the construction of the main building, we will prepare electrical and hydraulic lines, as required by the project plan and then you are taken to the planting of finishes (floors, fixtures, etc), chosen according to personal taste, which, of course, will give original touch to house.

In conclusion, building a house in green building as the Log House, not only helps to have an eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and sustainable, but above all, a healthy environment, cozy and comfortable.

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