The Ways to Manage Water Friendly Landscaping

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Coming up with water friendly landscaping ideas or plans can give you a headache. You want to improve the look and the style of your garden and yet there is this concern of water shortage. How are you supposed to water the lawn? How can you grow your favorite plants or flowers if there is a gloom possibility that you won’t get enough water? No need to worry as there are always alternative method and ways to try, especially if you are witty and smart.

The Ways to Manage Water Friendly Landscaping

Creative Plan to Apply Water Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Just because you live in the area where the water level is quite low, it doesn’t mean that you should be satisfied with the barren and dry (and honestly ugly) landscape. You are still able to have green, lush, and appealing garden without having to waste water.

  • Native Plants

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the native plants in your area are. If you drive around, you should be able to see some of the examples. If this isn’t doable, perform your own research. Hit the online system. Go to the local library. Ask around. You should be able to find the answer real soon. And once you have found it, you can try some of them in your own garden. The native plants have developed their own resistance to water shortage. It is a guarantee that they will survive under your care, provided that you do care for them.

And who says that the native plants are mostly ugly and unattractive? Some of them come with unique colors or unordinary shape. You only have to find out more and you should be able to make an educated decision of which plant you want to have for your garden. And knowing more about water friendly landscaping management will definitely help.

  • Recycle the Water

It may cost you at the beginning but you will be thankful of the system once you have everything installed and running. Do you know how much water is wasted from bathing or doing the wash (whether it is from the laundry or the dishes)? Why not recycling it? There is this sophisticated system where the water from your kitchen and bathroom will be recycled with a special technology and filtration, so it can be used to water the garden. You may have to spend extra at the beginning to install such a system but it is going to worth it.

  • Manage the Layout

Just because you are living a water conscious life, it doesn’t mean that you should go dry and bare. It’s okay to replace the grass with the artificial one, for instance, but you don’t have to change everything, especially if you want to create variants and alternatives. Let’s say that you leave a small piece of land with the real grass and some of your favorite plants. They won’t consume too much water and you still have the piece of your favorite greeneries.

It does take an extra effort to start the plan. But once everything is laid out, you will be satisfied to know that your gardening plan works just perfectly and you have your own beautiful and lush garden; all with the smart water friendly landscaping san diego california free landscape design ideas incentive program plans.

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