How to detect and fix Water Leaking From Ceiling Under Bathroom

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Water Leaking From Ceiling Under Bathroom can be so annoying. A continues drip from your ceiling can be sign from worst water leak from your bathroom. If you have this problem, the causes can be from water supply line or from fixture drains. You can fix it by yourself as it can be as simple replace under sink traps or the complicated ne with cut out the ceiling portion to replace the drainpipe fit. But over from it, find the source of your water leak will be toughest part for doing. There are several types of leaks in plumbing. Watch out to the water leaks appears in your ceiling. If you meet leaks that appear as damp spot, it alternately dries and the reoccurs in beyond ceiling, then it probably most cause in drain line leaks. In other side, if it has constant drip then the problem likely occur in water supply line.

Water Leaking From Ceiling Under Bathroom

To know what the cause is from your water leaks, then check into spots that easiest to check first. It involves to water supply lines into sink, sink trap, sink commode, and wax ring beneath commode. In most cases, leak in plumbing connection between water supply line attachment and the drainpipes connector joints. If you are curious that you meet with water leak from your bathroom, you can warn into these signs of water leaking.

  • Mold or mildew. Molds or mildews are able to appear when you have hidden water leak. Mold are occurs in moist, pipe, and dark space that typically hidden in under flooring or wall.
  • Damage in wallpaper or paint. Bathroom wall with blistering paint or wallpaper can be sign from leaks in bathroom. Steams from hot shower are unable to make your wallpaper or paint loose.

To fix leaks in water supply, there are several tips to do depend to the causes. In some cases, you need to tightening spot where the fitting between water supply line and your fixture is loose. Sometimes, washer in fitting in worn out and you need to replace with the new one. If it doesn’t work, then you need to replace entire fitting. To fix your drainpipes line, follow these tips. First is ensure you buy replacement parts that same with the old one, with same dimension, configuration, and type. Remove the old fitting one and then replace the fitting with new type pipes. If it still hard to done by yourself, ask the plumber for good result.

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