Trends for Bathroom Remodles Inspiration

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Are you looking for inspiration to your Bathroom Remodles? Then this can be your great inspiration to make over and refresh your bathroom. There are many things that you need to consider when you are planning for remodel project in your home.  There, you will meet with your basic requirement and your personal style.

The first idea is come from Mediterranean idea style inspiration. This remodel comes with tiles that inspired from Mediterranean countries common use such as Morocco, Spain and Portugal. It looks elegant with modern metallic tiles combined with hand painted terra cotta. To create your Mediterranean style bathroom, you can create mosaic tile pattern that can add richness sense to bathroom space. With little statement, it can accent your bathroom. For example, accent mosaic tiles in your tub area, shower, or even backsplash in your half bath.

Next, bathroom is high traffic area with wet and it still requires smart design to meet with your requirement. Consider practical storage is great ways for your bathroom remodels. You can take benefit from vertical space and make your bathroom cabinetry up into your wall. If you can’t meet up with built in cabinetry, then you can incorporate with interesting or antique pieces furniture. Floating shelves can be god idea to do this. Open shelving is other option that you can consider for storage in bathroom.

Next is idea for your bathroom color. Classic white tile subway is timeless. It can be combine with most any look. You can create industrial casual style r into traditional style furniture and fixtures for create classic timeless design.  Make white subway is best to combine with darker grout color such as black or gray. This tip is mainly use in bathroom due to it less likely for stained with residue from mold and soap.

Next is the ease of use in your bathroom remodel. For very practical reason, vanities, side mount faucets and height comfort toilets are become more popular in recently. The curb less showers is easy to clean, make spacious bathroom sense. Floating vanity is biggest trend in ease of use bathroom design as it has easily customized height. In addition, floating vanities can make stylish pieces of art.

Last but not least, create bold mixing or light fixtures in your bathroom will make your bathroom look awesome. You can choose extraordinary ornate chandelier, unusual sconces, wall mount sconces, or unique pendant light fixtures.

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