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If you are planning a holiday and you are going to spare no expense and enjoy luxury and impeccable service, definitely will be curious to find out what are the best resort & spa in the world… then here and a selection of 10 stunning facilities where guests can not only enjoy the beauty of a wild and untouched nature, but also and above all the comforts you desire.

Those that we have selected are 10 resort & spa sites all over the world and then from Italy in the Maldives, through Africa, Caribbean and Mexico, discover them together.

1. Mezzatorre Resort & Spa – Ischia

We begin our journey to discover the world’s finest resorts & spa starting from Italy and in particular by the evocative Ischia. Nestled on the coast of Ischia, Mezzatorre resort (5 stars) overlooks a private Bay with access to the sea, has 12 suites 5 of them with terrace sea view & private pool Jacuzzi.

Renowned for its precious thermal waters, the island of Ischia is the ideal place for those looking for a holiday of complete relaxation and regeneration, the resort Mezzatore in particular offers clients a sprawling Spa which is set in a 16th-century tower where you can experience a multitude of treatments.

Within the resort there are also two restaurants that are inspired by both the flavors and the Ischian tradition that to international cuisine. Taste, lightness and elegance are the key words of this cuisine using organic products and low-calorie.

2. Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa – Maldive

A perfect tropical paradise that grows directly on the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives, Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa welcomes guests between unbridled luxury and priceless beauty of the landscapes.

Besides the possibility of diving facilities at guests ‘ disposal an impressive spa with signature treatments, there are also tennis courts, gym and pool.

3. Anantara Kihavah Villas Resort & Spa – Maldive

We remain in the Maldives to take you to the discovery of the Anantara Kihavah Villas Resort and Spa that is a unique structure consists of private villas in the most pristine Atoll of this charming archipelago.

79 huge villas with swimming pool and private beach, staff at guests ‘ disposal and the ability to explore uninhabited and pristine havens surrounding the island.

Underwater restaurant, 6 dining options and entertainment, gym, tennis, cooking, yoga and meditation, spa and everything you could wish for.

4. Diva Resort & Spa – Maldive

Rooms on the water or on land, class, luxury and tradition meet at Diva Resort, the perfect place to spend a holiday of complete relaxation and realizing any desire.

The Spa is one of the most beautiful in the world and develops between indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy the beauty offered by nature: water, whirlpool, sauna, Turkish bath, ice room, heated pool and much more.

5. The Retreat – Tanzania

We move now to Africa to discover The Retreat Resort, in Tanzania, an enchanted place where experience a safari without sacrificing luxury and comfort that only an excellent facility has to offer.

This unique structure allows you to experience a unique stay in Africa to say the least: absolute isolation, peace and quiet and contact with wild and untouched nature.

The philosophy of the spa at the Reatreat is to arrive at combining body, mind and soul through specific treatments that are directly rooted in African tradition. The property is under the supervision of a doctor and you can experience unique massages and spa treatments.

6. Naibor Camp Resort – Kenya

In the heart of the Maasai Mara National Reserve is the Naibor Camp Resort, a structure unique to say the least that you configure as a luxury tented camp that combines modernity, comfort and tradition. The field sits on the banks of the Talek River and is hidden by a thicket.

Each tent has a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom with a shower safari, there are also areas for relaxation and cultural exchanges and the area dedicated to the luncheons and dinners made by the chefs.

The spa is headed by experienced therapists and is hidden in a corner of the field, here you can have massages and scalp massage and of course experience all the benefits of a spa.

7. Porto Zante De Luxe Villas Hotel – Grecia

In a secluded Bay and unspoiled of the beautiful island of Zakynthos is located the Porto Zante De Luxe Villas, all with five-star service where you can stay in luxury private houses on the beach with everything you could wish for from typical to sports.

The Spa offers over 20 treatments from around the world that can be performed directly within your own private villa. Therapists are inspired by nature offering aromatherapy, thalasso therapy, and various other treatments.

8. Raffles Praslin Resort – Seychelles

It is on Praslin Island, called “garden of Eden”, which are the modern and luxurious villas of 86 Raffles Resort. Tropical climate throughout the year, allows you to enjoy the beauties of the place by practicing snorkeling, scuba diving, sporting activities or just relaxing.

The resort is of course equipped with spa that also organises yoga and meditation. Here you will find 13 pavilions for different treatments, living lounge and tea room with an ocean view, steam room, sauna, whirlpools, showers, fitness room, outdoor seating area with swimming pool, beauty salon and much more.

9. Turks and Caicos Resort – Caraibi

The undiscovered beauty of the Caribbean Islands awaits you at Turks and Caicos luxury resort, where you can spend your holidays of pure relaxation and luxury among uncrowded beaches and beauty and vivacity of the reef.

Several facilities available for guests who can also choose to use the services of the Spa between absolute privacy and professionalism.

10. Tulum Resort & Spa – Messico

A true tropical paradise that is located on the riviera Maya, here you can enjoy all the beauty of natural and historic Mexico. Crystal clear waters and white beaches, gardens and the ruins of the Mayan city above it all: this is the Tulum resort.

The hotel spa has 12 cabins including one dedicated to couples treatments, beauty salon, Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy room, body treatments, facial massages, fitness room and boys.

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