Tips to Place the Bathroom Vanities

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It is not always the most glamour items for your bathroom items, but choosing the right vanity was able to make or breaking your bathroom’s design. If those vanities were placed awkwardly, it may seem poor and mismatched of materials. There are several considerations when you decide to choose the bathroom vanities, such as: the materials, storage and how will look with the rest of space as well.

Tips to Place the Bathroom Vanities (5) Tips to Place the Bathroom Vanities (4) Tips to Place the Bathroom Vanities (3) Tips to Place the Bathroom Vanities (2) Tips to Place the Bathroom Vanities

As we know that there are variety size for bathroom vanities that you can choose based on need, on of them is bathroom vanities 22 inches wide which may suit with your simple design. Here, several tips to place the bathroom vanities which improving whole of bathroom design:

  1. The placement
  • Access

You should choose the spot for your vanity which does not mess the traffic or block the bathroom door or door swing of shower. For recommendation, you can consider about the cleaning and space between the door swings of vanity. So you need to consider the surround area of vanity which accessible and adequate.

  • The plumbing

If you need to replace the plumbing in order to install your vanity, it may spend your cost as well. Even when you switch the traditional floor mounted of vanity, you should rerouting your drains and pipes as well.

  1. Considering the materials

The vanities were placed in the environment which more humid, busy and wet. So, you need to think careful about the materials which used for your vanity and able to hold that environment. For recommendation, you can choose wood vernish, thermofooil and the laminates which prefer work well in your bathroom. Do not forget to consider the durability of vanity and try to avoid with the hard to clean.

  1. The storage

You need consider what are truly used that helps you to decide about how much storage which you need.  Organize all of stuffs with what you will need and what will you need in your nearby. The hanging vanities with the drawers were able to give a good amount of storage because they take benefit from the space which often used in around of plumbing. If you stuck with the small cabinet if vanity, you can consider to get extra cabinets on the rest of counter as well. However, you should know the quality and evaluate your need to pick the best bathroom vanity.

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