Tips for a Country Kitchen

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Country kitchen style has long been a household name in the world of kitchens. No style whatsoever radiates more heat than a cottage kitchen. The carelessness that exudes the cottage style is mainly due to the neutral colors, shapes and materials and fair.

Classification of a country kitchen

The classification of a country kitchen is the positioning of hob and sink essential. Since these are the basic elements of the kitchen they were already from the very beginning a prominent place. Modern equipment such as refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher are quite tucked away in order to maintain the traditional feel. Refer also to the kitchen triangle to create an ergonomic design.

The prominence of the sink is clearly visible in the picture above. The cooking area is in a country kitchen usually consist of a stand-alone element in which oven and hob are combined (the stove). The sink is too often and was rarely incorporated into the worksheet. The retro taps are typical elements of the country kitchen.

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Use color country kitchen

Most rural kitchens are made in lacquered or solid wood. The advantage of solid wood is that they emit a natural heat, and that they can be combined with a lot of materials. White rural kitchens were for many years very popular. The last time one dares use ever faster other colors so that the kitchen exudes more atmosphere and warm.

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Rural decoration

The dressing will largely determine the mood of your country kitchen. Naturally, the kitchen must still be practical to use and easy to maintain. therefore prefer to work with some eye-catchers and set the whole kitchen is not full. Work with a few shelves or go for kitchen cabinets with glass. As also the plates and glasses are part of the decoration and atmosphere.

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Diversity of country style

The country style is highly open to interpretation. Depending on their origin, there are also many variations. If one makes in France often use curtains, tiles and natural wood. In England one chooses again to stone and lacquered wood. In addition, you also have various fusions with other styles and modern interpretations. The ideal country kitchen will also for everyone else and depend on your personal preference.

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Rural fitted kitchens

You know what you want in a kitchen and you want the boxes, sliders… perfectly fit your needs, you can opt for a country kitchen to size. That way you get a kitchen that is unique and you will find no other home. Then creates custom sure that you can eliminate all the “lost” space so that you have a user-friendly and easy to maintain kitchen.

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