Things to Consider in Choosing Contemporary Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

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Furniture is one of essential elements of living room. With the best furniture, all kinds of living room look incredibly cool and stunning, including a small living room. There are a plenty of splendid contemporary living room furniture for small spaces that come in lots of charms. The manufacturers of this furniture have prepared all details in their product to suit small areas with perfect functionality aspect. If you are looking for references about the best furniture for your adorable small living room, this article provide your needs.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces You Should Own

  • Low Profile Coffee Table

Low Profile Coffee Table

Low profile coffee table is the best choice for a small living room. Currently, these types of table are getting more popular among people who live in a minimalist house. At a glance, it may look very small. But when it is already added into your living room, you will see how adorable it is. Some low profile coffee tables are designed extendable with hidden board. When you have to accommodate more guests, these hidden boards can be extended to serve dish and beverages.

  • Minimalist Sectional Sofa

Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

Minimalist sectional sofa is one of the most recommended furniture for small living room. This sofa allows you to maximize space. Arrange this sofa in the corner of the living room to create spacious impression. If you think the sofa is not large enough to accommodate people, add small accent chair to pair it. Don’t miss paying attention to is color, since furniture color also determines the appearance of the room. Mistakes in picking color for sofa or other furniture can make the area looks even smaller than it should be.

  • Floor Chair

Floor Chair

The other recommended contemporary living room furniture for small spaces is a comfortable floor chair. Adding floor chair on carpet in the living room is a brilliant idea. A floor chair is not only stunning to decorate the space or to pair the sofa. It also accommodates more seating. Once again, pay attention to the color option. To create a harmony, the color of floor chair should be different with the sofa. It is a good idea if the sofa and floor chair color are in contrast different colors such as blue and green or red and orange.

  • Wall Mounted Shelves

Wall Mounted Shelves

The existence of shelves is important to display some decorations and books. No matter how small your living room is, the walls need “a touch”. Decorative wall mounted shelves can be focal point of the living room. Place some decorations such as statues, framed photo, or tiny decorative indoor plants on the shelves. Make the wall as attractive as possible to cover narrow impression.

  • Small Corner Shelves

Small Corner Shelves

One of the contemporary living room furniture for small spaces that people usually avoid is a shelf. The ideas of placing small corner shelves in the limited-space living room depend on your need. If there are lots of things need to be well organized, small corner shelves play an important role. It is a wrong thought that a small living room should be as “empty” as possible. Instead of letting the corner or other area empty due to saving space reason, adding small corner is much better. Keep everything well organized is a better decision than minimizing furniture placement without paying attention to the tidiness.

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