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Studio Shed With Bathroom is new popular building for guest and backyard building for additional construction at home.  This popularity is come from the space efficient space for work that becomes rage in recent day. The shed studio is great for privacy and uninterrupted work flow when they get work at home. When consider shed studio, this means that owner get the cozy and stylish space well. Some of this shed studio is added with custom requirement that good for the owner privacy such as their living features.

The first idea is come from Kanga room. This is inspiration idea for work office studio in Texas that comes into three styles studio, bungalow, country and modern. For this shed, the basic package is come with 8X8 feet shed and it start from $6000. Next is Modern Shed in Seatle that offer flat packed prefab studio shed with size 8X10 feet. The price is available with $7000. Next is Weehouse that found by Minesota Alchemy Architects. It is prefab studio that starts their size from 435 square feet and the studio is designed with main room and bathroom.  This can be uses for home office, guest house or even for main residence. Next is Modern cabana. Modern cabana is shed that made from San fransisco company and the size start from 10X12 feet. The best part from this shed, it is full studios that also offer bath area in this shed. This basic shed studio model is perfect for home office with its glass sliding door.

Client studio shed with 14X16 feet larger is option for you who need large studio shed with bathroom. The studio shed has contrast color in brown and orange color siding that continues into the fence. The floating deck floor foundation make nice compliment look into the home office and the separate entrance make this owner no requires to go to backyard when they need to go to their studio shed. The studio shed is not offer the pre-packaged for bathroom option, but with large size on 14X16 feet, this studio feet is available for install bathroom to customize. The studio shed team is available for client custom requirement such as bathroom, partitions, and many more. With bathroom installed, then it is perfect for your guest house too if you have empty backyard to add with this fabulous studio pre-fab shed. The team will help to determine the save space for your studio shed.

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