Steps on How to Become Interior Designer without Degree

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How to become interior designer without degree? Is that even possible? You might know that an interior designer has to have a professional degree in interior design. However, some people are just too lazy to attend a design school. What to do about that? Can they learn by themselves? Believe it or not, there are many popular names in interior designing who never go on a design school. They simply learn about interior design auto-didactically. So basically, we all can be an interior designer without a professional degree from a famous university.

How to Become an Autodidactic Interior Designer without Degree

  • Sense in designing

Sense in designing

First of all, it’s about senses in design. Some people are born creative that they have already had a good drawing skill and interests in architectural designs. If you are one of these lucky people, you just need to make use of these skills by drawing regularly. The more you draw, the better your drawing.

However, if you don’t have a drawing skill naturally, don’t worry as you can still practice it. You can start by capturing your interior house design and trying to draw it on a paper. Or, you can just find a good picture of an interior design on the internet and draw it with your own hands. Drawing is basically a start of how to become interior designer without degree.

  • Find tutorial

Find tutorial home design

After the drawing process, you can evaluate the result by yourself. Are you satisfied enough with it? If not, that means you need to learn about the basics of drawing. Find the tutorial about this on the internet to follow. There are actually four basics you have to learn to make a good sketch or design: grid, composition & layout, fonts, and color theory & usage. You can learn them all from websites that intentionally provide the knowledge about those things.

  • Learn about designing apps

Learn about home designing apps

After practicing manually and starting to learn about basics, it’s time to try working on it using a computer. Learn software for designs such as Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Express, Adobe Illustrator, and so on. Drawing or sketching interior designs on the computer software can ease you edit when clients do not agree with your design at some points.

If you have mastered designing on the computer, you need to develop your skill by keeping an eye on interior designs. Get design inspirations as many as possible and develop it into a design that is originally made by and from you. Once you’ve developed your design skill, it’s not hard for you to find clients who believe you can do an interior design without having a degree.

Finally, it’s time for you to practice working in real situations. You can start by having an internship at a design company. If you show a good work, you can be hired to work there at the end of your internship. If an internship is too slow for you, then you can apply for a freelance interior designer as a start of your professional career on how to become interior designer without degree.

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