Solar Garden Lights with Dramatic Illumination

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Adding solar garden lights are not only useful to create beautiful appearance to your garden, but also to provide safety at night. With appropriate illuminations, your garden gets both safety and beauty. Moreover, it will be more exotic as well. Imagine if there are no lights in your garden. How does it look in the evening and night? It will be so gloomy. But why do solar lights seem to be more popular than the other type of lights? Solar lights are reliable due to their tech to store solar energy in a battery. The battery is charged by the solar throughout the day as the sunlight continues to supply energy to be converted to the lights electricity.

A plenty of solar garden lights are widely offered in a variety of price ranges. It is your personal choice about the design type. The point is that the existence of garden lights is needed.

Solar Garden Lights Designs

  1. Large Round Planter Shaped Solar Lights

Large Round Planter Shaped Solar Lights

These solar garden lights serve both planter and lighting functions. At a glance, they look like lighted balls in the night ambience. While in the morning, they functions as planters in beautiful shape. These lights are more recommended for spacious garden.

  1. Mosaic Solar Path Lights

Mosaic Solar Path Lights

If your garden is designed with pathway, there will be something incomplete without solar lights for path. These mosaic solar lights lighten your pathways or walkways in your garden beautifully. Each solar path light usually allows you to move it freely since it comes with self-powered solar panel. It stores the electricity in a long lasting durable and rechargeable battery. The colorful glass designs create colorful shade effect that makes your garden romantic and exotic in the night ambiance.

  1. Large Ball Shaped Lights

Solar Garden Lights

If you want to add a breathtaking focal point for your garden, this type is one of the most recommended solar garden lights. Some ball shaped lights illuminate your garden in perfect ways. They are also nice to decorate your garden pond and pool.  Float them on the pool and witness the splendid atmosphere filling your garden.

  1. Decorative Bud Shaped Lights

Decorative Bud Shaped Lights

Decorative bud shaped lights are perfect choices for small garden decor. These lights are recommended for front yard, backyard, and even indoor and balcony garden. The unique design gives your garden special impression, which is a beauty in simplicity. Apply them around the plants, let the beauty of the plants blend with the exotic lights.

  1. Animal Shaped Solar Lights

Animal Shaped Solar Lights

One of creative way to give your garden “alive” impression is by adding animal shaped solar lights. These lights are widely offered in a variety of shape, such as butterfly, bird, and other animal shapes. They are really awesome to be the center of attraction whether in the morning or night.

Whether you have just a simple or even small garden, by adding these solar garden lights, your home garden will be a very special area for family gathering, contemplating, relaxing, and other purposes.

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