10 Tips for Decorating a Small Apartment

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Small apartment have their own advantages. They are cheaper than a big house and often have a convenient location. A small apartment have its own charm and the fact that you might not have much space, does not mean that your attention just to go out to a functional device. Even a small apartment can be perfectly functional styling if you take into account some basic principles:

1. Create visually separated spaces

In a small room you might not immediately think of applying separations and you tend to leave the area open as much as possible. That is a logical idea but a modest space is already calling messy quickly. The lack of separations will the various elements (kitchen, sitting room, sleeping area) visually intertwine. You can solve this by using screens or by positioning furniture in a certain way. A sideboard between the cooking and dining area is a possibility. But also a sofa is a perfect piece of furniture to make separations. Plants also can be used well to emphasize functional transitions in a room.

2. Invest in mult-ifunctional furniture

In a small apartment, every centimeter profit. Therefore, furniture that can be used multi-functional very practical. There is lots for sale in this area. Think of a sofa, which you can use during the day as a sofa or an ottoman where you can store your valuables. An extendable dining table that can expand when guests arrive, it is also very convenient. There are many good high quality designs on the market that are both practical and stylish.

3. Work with a light color palette

Light colors always work spacious than darker colors. Focus on creating a color palette of three colors: two colors with a bright clear tone that cover most of the space and one accent color that you make it entirely visually more exciting.

If you need some more bold colors, paint over some pieces of furniture in such color and accents to bring in a second color. However restrict you to a certain part of the room or else you will get an overkill of colors and impressions which the space loses its structure.

4. Discover unused rooms

When you live for a while in an apartment, then it can happen that you get stuck at a certain point in ideas. You think you’ve tried everything and that you all rooms in the house are fully exploited. But you know for sure? Go and brainstorming thinking here not to any charges or what work might be carried out. Consider windowsills that might be used as a working space, or corners in the room that might be to put a corner cupboard. A brainstorming session can sometimes have the most creative ideas.

5. Vertical storage

When decorating a small apartment you would be wise to think ‘vertical’, like an architect who must place a new building in a busy city. Is it not the width, but the height. Narrow high cupboards are when decorating a smaller interior friend. They do not take their small appearance as the whole wall up and provide ample storage space. Nowadays there are also very nice shelf and closet systems that let its sole discretion to make your own storage system.

6. Work organized

In a small space, it is sometimes difficult to get everything put away neatly, much less organized. Yet you with the right storage tools and organizers that create order in the chaos. Small baskets hanging on the wall on a shelving system can hide all a lot of rubbish. For papers, documents and magazines there are plenty of organizers available that can make your structure.

Once you have found a system, it is also important to stay organized. That may indeed be a challenge because psychological research has shown that it takes an average of 66 days before you have learned a new habit. A human being is a creature of habit, and once we are accustomed to something we do not like different. But do not discourage this, many have gone before you!

7. Fit curves with pieces of furniture and decorative elements

Most apartments are square in shape and can therefore put a little boring. By applying curved lines you can create a space all a lot more exciting. A round dining table or sofa with rounded or beveled edges can make the difference between a boring and a creative ‘out of the box’ design. Do not forget to make the round back in your accessories. Instead of a standard rectangular mirror, you can choose, for example, for mirror with a somewhat more rounded or oval shape. Also consider the lighting because that can make a world of difference. A beautiful design lamp a real eye-catcher may be causing the attention is distracted by an object that is not quite beautiful.

8. Install depth with layers

In smaller apartments often lack depth. This is logical because the space is simply limited. So you have to get out of visual tricks to create some sense of depth. One of the ways you can do this is by working with layers and contrasts. If your sofa, for example, neutral color, then put pillows on a nice pattern and a bold contrasting color. Use rugs that have a different structure than the surface and put some extra pillows on the bed. When you do this in a fun and stylish way, you’ll find that the room visually more depth.

9. Floating elements

Suspended cabinets or shelves are particularly suitable for a small apartment. They make the room spacious and offer plenty of functionality. A bookcase take up much space and can be used in place a system of floating shelves or small floating cubes. There are some nice modular systems on the market that you can creatively. Floating systems are the future, especially in a smaller apartment, so check it out and go for floating design!

10. More than regularly

Man is not just creatures of habit but also a collective beast. It is therefore logical that you have collected over time a lot of stuff that you actually need not necessarily. Go so just once a year even hold a large clearance and then look aware of everything you do need. It is a known psychological phenomenon that we can be hard to leave certain things, even though we do not use them. If you’re struggling to do away with something definitive, place it in a separate box that you save elsewhere. You will see that a year later a piece is easy to offer the box to put away belongings or equipment for sale. Anyway, the living space continues in this way destroyed anyway.

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