Simple yet Elegant Guest Bedroom Ideas

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Though it is not a primary bedroom to use every day, guest bedroom should be well maintained. The best guest bedroom ideas need to be applied to prepare the most comfortable place for your guest to take a rest. You never know when your relatives or best friends come to visit and need to stay overnight.  Since it is not used every day, the best way to decorate it is to make it as simple as possible. The reason is that you need to provide more space for your guest to place their goods. Here are some tips to create simple yet elegant guest bedroom.

The Most Important Tips to Apply Eye-Catching Guest Bedroom Ideas

  • White or Calm Color Painted Wall

Guest Bedroom Ideas White or Calm Color Painted Wall

White or calm paints such as cream and light gray for wall or ceiling seem to be the best choice for guest bedroom. These colors create the best atmosphere for guest room and give the best comfort. Following the hotel guest bedroom ideas, which mostly use these colors, you can create as comfy as guest bedroom like in the hotel. One more reason is that white and calm colored paints give clean impression. It is important to make your guest feel at home.

  • Family-Friendly Beds

Guest Bedroom Ideas Family-Friendly Beds

The existence of the right type of bed is also an important aspect for applying the best guest bedroom ideas. Actually, the type of bed is not an essential requirement for guest bedroom. You can choose any type of bed as long as it is family friendly. Truth is that the type of bed depends on the provided space. So, if you’ve got spacious area for guest bedroom, it is good to provide two types of beds, one master bed and another is a single bed. This is the best way to prepare in case your guest comes with his/her family. What to do if you have a small guest bedroom? It is just easy and simple. You can provide a medium sized sliding bed. It accommodates 2-3 persons while there is more remaining space for placing some furniture.

  • Colorful Bed Sets

Guest Bedroom Ideas Colorful Bed Sets

Though clean impression is important, you need to give a little colorful nuance so that it will not boring. Since the wall and ceiling is white, cream, or light gray, give more color to the bed by providing colorful bed sets with unisex motif. It can be polka dots or stripe motifs.

  • Minimalist Furniture

Guest Bedroom Ideas Minimalist Furniture

Guest bedroom doesn’t need too much complement. Closet and nightstands are enough to furnish your guest bedroom because that is all they need. Too much furniture makes the room looks too full and narrow, moreover if your guest is not alone.

  • Wall Decoration

Guest Bedroom Ideas Wall Decoration

Walls without any decoration will be boring and give no special touch to the bedroom atmosphere. Place some artistic wall decorations such as scenery painting or wall decals. Some guest bedroom ideas use decorative wall lights to give special and dramatic accent to the bedroom.

By applying all of those tips, you will be ready to host your special guest whenever they come. The right application of guest bedroom ideas makes a good impression about how you make your home.

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