Learn the Easy Sign Language for I Need the Toilet

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According to Association of American Sign Language (ASL), the sign language for I need the toilet is similar to “I need bathroom”. Among people who are able to speak, toilet is highly different from bathroom. However, the sign languages for both of them are surprisingly the same. How people who are not able to speak distinguish one from another. As it goes with learning other language, one can simply distinguish words based on the context that they are used on. Muted people use the same sign language in order to refer either bathroom or toilet in different context. That is how they can communicate on the same sign language without misinterpreting them.

How to Use Sign Language for I Need the Toilet

Sign Language for I Need the Toilet

The words toilet starts with letter T. Therefore, the sign language for I need the toilet is also using this letter as well. Forming letter T in sign language is relatively easy. In order to form letter T, you will need to position the palm as high as your shoulder in front of your body. Keep in mind that the palm should be facing forward. Grip the palm and stick the thumb between index and middle finger. If you are doing it right, the point of the thumb should be visible between them. Shake your grip few times from one side to other side. Instead of using this shaking movement, some muted people prefer to twist the grip.

By using this sign language, disabled people will surely understand that you need to use the toilet. The proper respond from disabled people is pointing out the direction of the bathroom. In case where the disabled people do not understand you, you might need to spell the letter individually. Since you already know the letter for T in toilet, you need to spell out the rest of the letter. Communicating with disabled people is similar with communicating with other human being. It is not only about asking something. It is also necessary to ask whether they need something for you.

In order to ask to disabled people whether they want to use the toilet or not, you need to use similar sign language. Slight difference might be required. Other than showing the grip of your palm with your thumb sticking out between your index finger and middle finger and shaking it from one side to other side, you also need to use specific body language. Slightly tilt your head forward and raise your eyebrows while doing the sign language. This gesture means that you are asking them whether they need toilet or bathroom.

As you can see, the sign language for I need the toilet and the question asking whether disabled people need it is slightly similar. The different of both of them can be seen on the head position. This sign language can be easily thought for kids as well. In the case where you want to ask them whether they have flush the toilet or not, simply imagine flushing handle and grab it. Continue the sign language replicating the water motion when being flush on the toilet.

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