Room Painting with Sage Green Color

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This time we will give a new tips about room painting with sage green color. The new year should be addressed with a new spirit. One way to do that is by creating new shades in the house, as such, will create the mood and new ideas are fresh to support daily activities. This can be realized by applying the sage green wall, the walls of the room are painted in sage green. So, why is the chosen color? What is so special about this sage green color?

Sage green is a color that is quite calm and grounded. This color can create a sense of freshness to anyone who looked at him. So, I wonder if the color is suitable to be applied on the walls of the room. Not only able to create a cool and comfortable atmosphere, sage green color also seemed to be able to bring the feel of an outdoor entrance into the room.

Shabby Chic

The room walls with sage green base color is very suitable to be applied to the concept of shabby chic room. In this coloring, you must do a bit of variation, e.g. by repainting the top wall with sage green color, then the rest is given a touch of white or other light colors. Then you can hang your frame or calligraphy, paintings, made from wood or metal, because both materials will support the natural impression on the walls.

In order to complement with the walls, be sure to note which accompanies the floor of the room. If you do not want to do an upgrade on the floor, just use the carpet colors to complement with sage green color, such as navy blue or beige.

If you want to decorating room is the bedroom, do not hesitate to involve a bed as one of its elements. Because the concept of shabby chic is identical to reuse items that have been long, so make sure that you make the baby something unique, eg by making blankets, sheets, or curtains from fabric scraps or leftover pieces of fabric and use unused at t sleep. This patchwork can also be used to make pillowcases and other materials that are made of fabric.

Rustic Retreat

Wall with sage green color is suitable for use as a backdrop to the room with the theme of the room rustic retreat or rustic and traditional. Try any indoor architectural elements can be fused with a slick in a way framed with two-by-fours and two-by-associate these fours from the ceiling in order to connect with beams or poles that exist in the room. Also, pairs of tiles from natural stone or tile wood / parquet room to complete the look of this rustic retreat.

In furniture, leather sofas and armchairs select placed in the living room that seems ideal and further highlight the rustic concept itself. While in the bedroom, you can use traditional bed frames from wood, rather than metal or plastic. Last in the kitchen or dining room, select a table and chairs wood from pine or cedar wood that has not been processed or sanded, so it was rough.

Beach side Bungalow

If the concept of the origin of natural rustic rural retreats impression you want highlighted, the concept of beach side bungalows, beautiful beaches and a suitable underlying applied for those who like the atmosphere of the beach. Sage green color can support this concept and make the room seem soothing. Replace the louvered door or shutter in the room. In the window, choose the thin white curtain so that sunlight can enter the room to the fullest. On the bed, use a bed sheet or bed cover pure white, so it will feel comfortable in it. Complete also with white carpet on the floor.

In the dining room, choose a wooden table with a top surface (top) is concave then covered with glass. In the concave surface, complete with white sand beaches with a variety of colorful shells.

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