Rustic Mirrors For Bathrooms

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Adding Rustic Mirrors For Bathrooms area can add natural beauty to your bathroom space. Bathroom mirror becomes an essential element to bathroom as it can be uses for every day, shave, makeup, or final looking to you before you head out from door. Bathroom mirrors are available in wide range styles, shape and size. If you are searching for bathroom mirrors that suit with your preference, then this can be your inspiration idea for rustic mirror bathroom. When you have cabin or log home, you will very need this rustic bathroom mirror. For traditional shabby, cottage or beach home, this rustic bathroom mirror also perfect to deal with. Here are some inspirations for you to choose rustic bathroom mirror.

The traditional, vintage of rustic mirror will give you classic and timeless look to your bathroom. If you want to have this vintage look mirror, then you can choose Uttermost Caludio wood mirror. It has simple design with log wood frame. It cost $316.80.  The traditional and classic but still look luxurious is come from natural edge teak mirror wall. It comes with wood frame from teak chip that furnished and cost only $220.58. For shabby chic look, you can choose framed unfinished teak mirror. It has classy style that endless and cost $179.58. Next, for you who want to have more color in your bathroom mirror, this Puebla mirror with vintage turquoise frame with bead nails is available for you. It cost you with $298.99. want to add some luxurious into your wood frame bathroom mirror? Then you can choose this leaf tile mirror bathroom. It cost only $107.99. The size is 25X35 with wooden frame and added with tile with leaf pattern décor in around the wood frame.

Rustic mirror is casual and it simply reflects charm. You can choose the material for rustic mirror start from log mirror, wood chip and pine mirror. You can choose various shape such as square shape, oval, and even the wooden sunburst. Adding customize wood frame into your bathroom mirror can give you unique look to your bathroom. If you want to make your rustic bathroom mirror look different and unique, then you can make your own DIY rustic bathroom frame project. It can give you unique bathroom look. For example, if you have beach or cottage bathroom style, then adding décor accent such as twig in your rustic bathroom mirror can be a smart idea to apply.

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