5 Tips in Designing a Roof Garden

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The roof garden can be identified with the space to plant different types of crops in the media in the form of a pot or other planting medium as a function of beauty or simply freshen the air around. Roof top can be applied to high-rise buildings that portion of the roof can be put pots or vines.

Indeed, the role of the roof garden can reduce excessive heat inside a very large space. Well, to organize it in a roof garden requires special treatment, as well as planting and maintaining plants in pots. And interestingly, as placed on the roof should select plants that can survive in the hot spot.

You have to make sure whether your roof is strong enough to support the load and can be used as a roof garden, or must be a bit of renovation. Do not let not hold the load of the roof garden which contains elements such as plants, garden ornaments, and soil. Later when the roof caved in, can damage and endanger the entire foundation. Here are a few tricks in laying roof garden.

  1. You should select plants that are resistant to dry heat and air. Characteristics are a waxy coating on the leaf surface, such as ornamental pineapple, pandan and assorted ornamental cactus.
  2. While for selected vines like Irian fire flower (mucuna benetil) is very good for planted vines over the pergola. If propagation has been perfect, the plants continued to grow underneath. Thus, the treatment plant beneath it will be easier.
  3. For watering, it can be done by installing spraying (sprinkler). Staying sprinkler connect with existing water sources, the water ready to spread to the roof garden area. Instead of water for watering instead of the type of tap water because it contains chlorine that can damage the plants.
  4. Roof garden with a hill hills landscape can overload the structure. We can reduce the weight by filling in the media that are not planted with empty cavities. Set the media thickness required in accordance with the depth of the roots of the plants selected. Another alternative is the cavity by inserting sterofoam under mounds that are not planted.
  5. Planting medium should be light in order to reduce the load on the building structure. Prepare medium comprising a mixture of sand and shavings or sawdust.

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