9 Tips for Those Who Decide to Renovate Home

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Renovate home is sometimes daunting, the workload is huge and many decisions. How to survive all this? With a well organized, thorough step by step of what is done and what we would get from the operation. Motto: be prepared to find! Here are nine tips, 9 aspects should not be neglected for a perfect renovation!

1. Add value to what is already there

The charm of historical recovery is undeniable, so be so careful analysis of what the house has to offer. In fact it is sometimes difficult to see certain old tiles or parquet ruined as an added value, whereas it is precisely the starting point for the renovation of our House. To combine the needs of modern life with a love lived.

2. Evaluates the costs and benefits of each intervention

A large window at full height or a freestanding fireplace can be very dramatic but equally expensive, especially if we are to restructure an old house with walls on which it is difficult to intervene and architectural constraints to consider. Make a list of what’s on top of your desires and what is easily avoidable, then starts to compare the different quotes. At this point it will be easier to decide what to focus on in the restructuring.

3. Shoot down the old divisions

The apartments a bit dated are often characterized by the many internal divisions, with the consequence that the rooms are too many and too small. This internal structure can be changed simply by breaking down the non-bearing interior walls, in order to give greater clarity to the premises and give them a more modern character. Don’t worry if this will be highlighting the discontinuity in the floors, will be perfect to highlight the functional transition from one area to another.

4. Glass for interior doors, new light in the house

To give the house more light because you don’t consider replacing old doors with new sliding glass doors? In this way the environments look more spacious and the biggest House, besides the fact that the new open space will be more pleasant and welcoming!

5. Attention to spot lights

It is important to assess the suitability of the old electrical systems and study where is necessary to install the new lighting points based on different deployment environments. Before proceeding with the renovation should be made a special lighting scheme, which is essential to avoid later in disappointment.

6. What materials for your new home?

Have a list of materials that you want in the new home is certainly a good idea. Will help you understand what combinations suit the style you’ve chosen and what jars. In this way I will be easier to choose upholstery and furnishings as the workers will proceed with the renovation.

7. Creates a color scheme

As for materials, you might want to create your own color scheme. Be inspired by the many images on the web, maybe print your Favorites and give life to actual mood Board room by room. In this way it would be easier to understand what are the colors that best suit to the new house and even the painter would be glad to avoid the usual appointment with indecision!

8. Add a dramatic element

Your home is not that bad and the arrangement of the Interior is modern in itself, but lacking that something able to give her character and personality. An element of strong impact, able to attract visitor’s attention on himself, is definitely what suits you. A scale of design, a door, a big impact on table or, why not, an original wall coating, anything goes: the only thing to keep in mind is that it must be the absolute protagonist of the house!

9. Think of new mosquito nets

If you are looking to change the fixtures, you should consider the inclusion of retractable insect screens within the structure. The mosquito nets are really what we need to greatly improve the quality of life within the home, allowing you to properly ventilate the rooms and keep away flies and mosquito!

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