How to remove Gnats In Bathroom

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Gnats In Bathroom can make your bathroom look dirt and jerk. Gnats are tiny and usually have black color.  There are several types of gnats. The most common type of gnats that appear in bathroom is drain flies. Gnats are able to reproduce in fast so there is important for you to get rid of them immediately after you recognize it presence in your bathroom. If you have houseplants in your bathroom, it can causes gnats presence in bathroom. Gnats can presence in bathroom when remaining food source presents.

Gnats In Bathroom

There are several ways that you can consider when you want to remove gnats in your bathroom. First, you can buy gnats trap. This is the conventional, easiest and convenient way for get rid of gnats. There are many gnats trap available in market. We recommend for buying Gnat Stix for remove gnats in your bathroom highly. It is design for catch the gnats fungus, get rid of gnats by trap them after the gnats emerge from soil. This is safe for your environment as it free from pesticides.

Next is use vinegar trap that you can make in your kitchen. This is easy to make by mixing several ingredients in kitchen. Use container spray, add 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 table spoon sugar, few drop of liquid dish soap, and one liter water. Mix the entire ingredient well and place the container in area where you know that it has most gnats appears. The cider vinegar scent will attract gnats for emerge and when they touch the container, they will die because dish soap water.

Next, pour bleach into your bathroom sink. Although it is not the most effective way for eradicate gnats problem but it can help you to get rid of gnats that breed deeply into drainage system. To do this method, you need to dilute with little bit of water first before pour into sink.  Next, you can use fogging method. There are several fogging products available in market. Fogging is effective method for get rid of gnats in your bathroom. If you have large bathroom area, then this is perfect way to use. To prevent the presence of Gnats In Bathroom in future, then you need to do checking your bathroom regularly. Check and get rid damp areas in your bathroom. Look whether there is leaking pipe, water pour from outside when rains, and keep it to always dried to prevent gnats in your bathroom.

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