How To Refacing Kitchen Cabinets DIY

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Kitchen cabinets already become the most important element. Buying new cabinets can cost a half of budget and the best solution is refacing the old one. Indeed, several professional companies offer a service to reface old kitchen cabinets, but if you want to save money, do it with your own hands. How to refacing kitchen cabinets diy? Please follow all steps below!

Step 1

Use a screwdriver to take the doors off the cabinets, all you need is removing the hinge fixtures from both the cabinet facing and the door. Make sure there is no existing handles and hinges still attached to cabinets, store all fixtures in the container.

Step 2

Apply a stripper chemical on the surface of cabinets and let it works. This chemical works to remove the existing stain or paint, make easier to peel off. Prepare a paint scrape and steel wool to wipe away any stain or paint left on the surfaces.

Step 3

How to reface kitchen cabinets? The images of before and after will motivate you to start. Take a sandpaper and start rub the doors, cabinet faces and the surface of cabinets. Don’t give too much power or pressure when sanding in order to avoid any damage. Remove dust from sanding with a tack cloth, wipe down the cabinets entirely.

Step 4

If there is damage such as holes on the surface of cabinets, fill them with wood filler. Apply filler into each hole with a paint scrape and smooth out the filler. Make sure there is no excess filler.

Step 5

Apply a certain stain or paint to the cabinets just like you wish for. Use a bristled paintbrush or foam to apply paint and rub stain onto the cabinet parts with an old rag.

Step 6

Make sure the stain or paint to dry completely before applying another coat. Protect the paint job with a coat or two of polyurethane, avoid potential water damage by sealing the cabinet parts.

For those who want to renovate your kitchen, but it is certainly a very expensive and could be accomplished in a weekend. It does not take much, if you are ready to improvise and allow some solutions out-of-the-box. One of these things we’re suggesting is a cabinet of painted kitchen. Use the appropriate color for kitchen cabinets can change the entire decor of the kitchen and be able to transform the old grinding angles to look like new. Kitchen cabinets cadres have been a popular choice in the world and the biggest advantage is that the work could be taken wounded by the same owner!

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If you are too scared to put the gloves hurt you, hiring a contractor it would be a good idea. They have also come up with the best design ideas to decorate your and you can expect a professional finish. Quality of the application does not make your kitchen look more beautiful and durable. Hire a professional it will not even cost you a fortune and it would be a good investment to make. He has his ideas, let the contractor pays his and that must come to an amazing solution!

How to reface kitchen cabinets with seeded glass

Seeded glass can give your kitchen cabinets a fresh new look, and offer you a way to show your special set of dishes or wine collection. The inserted glass can online or at a local glass shop, where they can also cut to the right size and shape are purchased for you. There are many colors of seeded glass that you can get, depending on the kitchen decor is already clear, and is the most popular choice.

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