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Public Bathrooms Near Me apps is helpful for those traveler or people who go to new place but difficult to find public bathroom. When you go in travel, you need to hurry to get pee but it still hours to get to your hotels, then use this public bathroom find is best way. There are several apps like this that will help you to find the bathroom list.

Public Bathrooms Near Me Apps

  • Air pnp is one apps that will direct you to the nearest restroom. To use this app, you need to enter the right location into the app and then the app will instantly shows the high quality toilets in around your area. The app will list you with several bathroom in public area that can be free ( for example in store or café) and others are listed in private homes that you need to pay. This app also makes you, people who have bathroom to offer your bathroom to others with hours to operation, price and description.
  • Flush toilet finder is next apps that you can download in your phone to help you find nearest public bathroom when you travel. This app also help you to find public bathroom with specific requirement such as attendant allowed, complimentary matchbooks and many others.  This app has about 200.000 public bathroom databases. Even, you can access this app without internet how grateful.
  • Sit of squat is next apps that you also can choose for finding public bathroom. This is app that make by Charmin Toilet paper and available for smartphone such as android, iPhones, iPad. This is free app and determines clean bathroom with “sit” awarded and not so clean bathroom is awarded with “squat” label. With this app, you can leave your review or add new toilet location when you meet. Recently, the app has database of public bathroom about 1000.000 worldwide.
  • Toilet finder. Next is toilet finder that will locate directly to all public bathrooms available in your surroundings.

Then, if you have your phone drop and cannot launch your public bathroom apps, what you can do for find public bathroom near you? Here are some tips to find public bathroom when you are travel.

  • Go to public space such as restaurant, gas station, or park. These places often provide free public bathroom.
  • Department stores.
  • Libraries and public office.

These places are regulates to have public bathroom service and therefore, you can find this public bathroom easily when you are in central town. However, the clean and hygiene in public office cannot be compare enough when you go to department stores or restaurants.

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