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Have you ever go travel in abroad, do not have any experience with local language, not knowing the map, then you feel that you need to take a pee or go to bathroom immediately but your hotel stay far away to reach? Then use public restroom apps that will help you to find location for public bathroom that near with your location. Public Bathroom Near Me is one of apps that you can trust for this trouble. If you are travel or citizen of USA, and use “bathroom finder” apps is alternative way for you to search public bathroom.  To use this app, you need to enter your zip code and the name of city where you are and then you can find the nearest public restroom in Yahoo Map.

Public Bathroom Near Me

When your “nature calling” is cannot wait anymore, then there is several tricks that you can use when you cannot find nearest public restrooms. First, find restaurant that near to you. Most of place that serves food and drinks has restrooms. If you not plan to eat or order any foods in there, then ask it politely to their restrooms. Or if you fortunate, there are several restaurants that design their restrooms in outside restaurant so you can just find the bathroom and go to the bathroom. Next, if you cannot find any restaurant try to find public buildings. There are regulations and laws for public building to have restrooms. You can go into government buildings, libraries, or department stores. You visit museum? Never leave your museum destination without taking advantage for visit restroom before you go to the next tourist destination. Museum restroom usually cleans, hygiene, and free it is different from some public restroom that you need to pay such as in gas station restrooms and trains.

For traveler, finding public restroom is important as they explore new city or state that they never visit before. Here, there are several things that traveler need to know when they are searching public restroom in international travel.  Always prepare your tissue paper when you go to public restrooms. Sometimes in public restrooms, this tissues paper not always available. You also need to prepare tip or cash when you enter as several public restrooms require paying the cash. It is worthy for cleanliness and comfort when enter public restrooms. When you travel in international abroad, then consider to these things before to find nearest public restroom and prepare the gap of culture shock.

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