Practical Methods on How to Find a Roof Leak

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It is not of easy matter to fix leaked roof and whatnots in order to avoid further case of leakage. What is harder to handle on respective thing is how to find a roof leak which becomes the main cause of leakage. It is of utmost importance to be done in the first place for it can solve the other processes coming after this. Yes, it is the hardest part of fixing the roof. Yet, it does not mean you cannot fix this source of leakage after all. In fact, you do not need other’s help jus to fix the leakage.

List of Methods on How to Find a Roof Leak

  • Go to the attic on rainy day

The first thing you need to do when you want to locate the source of leakage is by going to the upper level of your house. In this case, such upper level is attic. Go up there with a flashlight ready on your hand to find the leak on the roof. Due to constant exposure to raindrops thanks to leak on the roof. The attic can become quite slippery so be sure not to get slipped on the wood. For best and most effective result, you can get up to the attic during the rain in order to see the drops and where they come from.

  • Go up on non-rainy day

If you cannot go up to the attic during the rain, you can still do the process on sunny or gloomy day. It is sure safer to get up to the attic on sunny day to avoid being slipped on the wood. In that case, you should detect the source of leakage by checking where the moist surface on the ceiling is. If you already find the moist surface, the leakage does probably come from above. But, be ready to locate the other location of the leakage for it can be happening in such location for effective prediction on how to find a roof leak.

  • Predict the location of leakage

If the case above refers to what is happening to you, it can be that the other source of leakage does not come from the predicted location of the leakage. In other words, it can happen due to undetected source of leakage which becomes the main cause of leakage in the attic. Bring any kind of lighting device you have, such as flashlight, to help detect and locate the source of leakage. If you opt for flashlight, do the process in the night for it works more effectively that it does in the midday. If you do not use the flashlight, make use of sunlight that comes in through the leakage source.

  • Get up to the roof

If you still cannot locate the source of leakage that plays behind you, you need to get down to the issue by taking other step different from the previous steps explained. In this case, you need to get up to the roof. But, be sure to prepare yourself with safety precautions before getting to the roof. If you have, look closely at the roof to see the leakage source. That is how to find a roof leak.

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