Painting Your Stand Out Vanity for Fresh look

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Some peoples may feel that their vanity look so bored with the builder of oak wood. There is nothing with this wood vanity, however, it may not match with your own taste. you can get some references for inspiration and decide the colors that you can to get. You also able to get some ideas about painting bathroom vanity before and after to deal with your personal taste. So, you may need several ideas and tips for your best reference. However, if this is your first time, you will get confuse about what the best color that will match with your bathroom decoration. The color should perfect blend with the whole of design and make your new fresh look. Beside that you able to play with more one color that create a unique nuance based on your personal taste.

Painting Your Stand Out Vanity for Fresh look (2) Painting Your Stand Out Vanity for Fresh look (3) Painting Your Stand Out Vanity for Fresh look (4) Painting Your Stand Out Vanity for Fresh look (5) Painting Your Stand Out Vanity for Fresh look

Several tips to pick color for your bathroom vanity:

  1. Getting the color wheel

Although you probably do not know it, but most of color schemes come with the rules of color wheel. This is why purple go along with the yellow, they may across each other an complete each other. They were next to each other and make them analogous as well. So you are able to give yourself for the background and quicker, faster solution for your color selection.

  1. Choosing the three colors

The rule of three was a great to create the scheme color for your vanity. Choosing one which neutral, one of rich color and one accent. To make it success, you should think about the proportion. Do not use it too much and get a right proportion. The neutral color also able to be combined with different ways, such: white with the brown cocoa which makes it look fresh.

  1. Mix the two neutral colors

The color schemes mostly go with the neutral colors to establish the calm’s atmosphere. Once again, you need follow the proportion rules. The 2 neutrals, such as: white and gray which very simple but still stylish as well.

  1. Do not afraid with the dark colors

Some peoples may skip rich, warm, tone with the lighter and bright color. So, you may need to be bold, because the several colors, such as: brown can offer you with the dramatic contrast, especially room balanced with the white color.

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