Painting Kitchen Cabinets

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Is your kitchen has expired, but too valuable to be discarded? Painting kitchen cabinets can damage the interior and atmosphere of the kitchen was broken and angered. This is a simple and easy procedure. So, here we go!

Painting kitchen cabinets process

Your old kitchen cabinets take up with a lick of paint requires some preparation. First and foremost, you better disassemble your kitchen cabinets to operate smoothly. therefore remove the handles, the drawers and all other loose pieces that should not be painted with.

We then lightly sanding! That way you remove the top layer of the cabinets so that the paint can adhere properly. In a next step we make the doors and drawers grease and dust by washing thoroughly with soap. Now we can finally start painting. In order to obtain a nice and even result, it is important to first apply a primer to the sanded cabinets. Which primer you have to use, is dependent on the material. Ask plenty of advice in the paint shop so that your paint job ends well! In the last step you bring two coats of paint to the finish. Now the question remains: What color is perfect for your kitchen?

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Color kitchen cabinets

The color of your future kitchen cabinets will largely determine the look and feel of your kitchen. So it is very important to well-considered way to make your choice. Which color best fits your interior depends on several factors: the size of your kitchen, the light, the style and the desired effect. In a smaller kitchen you should opt for light shades so you will visually enlarge the space. These are also the suitable colors for a kitchen with little light. With bright colors you can quite a bit wider think the color white if you do not want a sterile kitchen.

Do you want a creative cuisine? You can perhaps choose to paint with chalkboard paint so you can describe so.The some kitchen cabinets. That way you can not only change the daily view of your kitchen but also keep a shopping list. Finally, you should still keep account of the interior style that you want to obtain: modern, country, or a combination of both? In a modern kitchen (picture above) do you work best with neutral colors like white, gray, black. That way you get a sleek kitchen with the detailing of your furniture cabinets striking.

In a country kitchen do better not use white as a sheet but rather of natural colors such as pastels, beige and light earth tones. That way you get a warm, cozy kitchen you can also dress up with nice decoration. Would you rather a cottage decor with a modern touch? For example if you take in hand an old oak kitchen, you can use this best give a slight tint so that the national structure of the wood and material processing is still visible. That way you get a perfect marriage between rural and modern!

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