Organized Over The Tank Bathroom Space Saver Cabinet for small bathroom

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Over The Tank Bathroom Space Saver Cabinet 4

Over The Tank Bathroom Space Saver Cabinet is one trick for you to maximize your bathroom space for storage item. Bathroom cabinet is important furniture in bathroom for organize and storage bath equipment such as towel and many more. When you choose bathroom cabinet, you can find plenty design that varies in design, style and size. Have small bathroom means that you have challenges to deal with your bathroom cabinet. Therefore have this over the tank bathroom cabinet means that you can use your top toilet tank space effectively.  The cabinet that install over the tank need to design to make your bathroom equipment and stuff stored without taking your space too much. Here are some examples you can choose from these several styles:

  • Freestanding bathroom cabinet. This is the most style for over the tank cabinet for bathroom that you can consider for choose to set up. It usually has drawer and make you able to have organized cabinet in your bathroom.
  • Wall cabinet. This wall type is mounted to the wall and you can choose the compact design or tall and columnar style. This is perfect for bathroom with contemporary design as it come with sleek design that match with this design.
  • Corner cabinet. This is perfect cabinet for those who want to use their corner space in bathroom. This can be occupied with tall cabinet that sits over the tank when your toilet tank is located in corner. This cabinet will give you asymmetric look to your bathroom.

Over The Tank Bathroom Space Saver Cabinet

The space saving cabinet is available in several styles and design.  Take advantage from mirrored cabinet as it can create larger and spacious effect to your small bathroom space. You also need to consider how you will use the cabinet. Whether you are want to use as storage, as medicine cabinet or other purposes.  Here are some ideas for your over the tank cabinet that will add beauty and also give effective space for your small bathroom. The first idea is Monte carlo wooden over the tank cabinet. This cabinet designed with opened rack that creates spacious effect to the bathroom space. The rack is available to storage bathroom equipment and to display any decorative bathroom.  The next product is come from Cottage free standing from Zenith product. This cabinet is cost $102.79 with drawer and open shelve cabinet. In the top of cabinet, it can be added with box to storage any towel and the drawer for organized bathroom equipment.

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