Open Shelves in Bedroom, How to Manage it in the Attractive Way

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Most homeowners don’t really know how to manage the open shelves in bedroom. You probably have one at your bedroom and yet, you don’t really know how to decorate it. In most cases, homeowners use the open shelves as the display spot. But there are so many things you can do with such furniture.

Open Shelves in Bedroom, How to Manage it in the Attractive Way

Creating Different Visual Appeals for Open Shelves in Bedroom

One of the most common usages and functions for the shelf is to display your magazines and books. If you have your own encyclopedia collection, it would be even better. To make this display more interesting, you should create color blocking to differentiate one genre from the others. Lots of homeowners may use different colors for the different rows but who says you can’t use different colors within the same row? Let’s say that you want to have three different genres within a row, so why not using three different colors for their codes? It is super stylish, efficient, and handy.

  • Green Effect

Besides using the shelf for the books and magazines, feel free to add greeneries into the shelf. If you are going to use the shelf as the display shelf, adding green items will improve the look and boost the mood. Use potted plants or flowers. Just apply similar hue or contrast color; choose either of them. You don’t have to fill up the space with all green. Use the top row and the low spot for the potted plants. It would be enough to deliver refreshing green effect.

  • Photographs and Artistic Items

If you are into art, the open shelves in bedroom can be used to display your favorite pieces. Whether it is a small painting or a self-taught art on tiles, why not displaying them all on the shelves? It will create a unique effect and your shelf doesn’t have to be filled with the common souvenirs or Knicks-knacks items. Come up with a certain color or a theme. Your shelf will be the best focal point in the room.

  • Storage Options

What is a shelf made for? It is for storage, right? The display is the additional element. If you have a lot of items, use baskets to arrange them. You’d be surprised how baskets with different sizes, models, and colors will be able to transform the shelf into a stylish storage compartment in the room. Think about the management and layout too. Baskets can be placed on the top and low areas while the middle areas are used for display. Or place the baskets on the low areas – the first and second – and the rest can be used for display. It depends on your creativity and ideas, really.

  • Color Codes

So, you still decide to use the shelf for display. That’s okay. But try to use color schemes. For now, you should try the neutral colors. Next, you should try the neon colors. The next time, you should try the entire yellowish hue. Again, it depends on your creativity.

Managing the shelf scheme isn’t really that difficult once you have found the one thing that you are mostly interested in. Then, find various ways to tweak it. If you are completely creative, there are different methods to deal with the open shelves in bedroom small organizing shelf how to cover decorate shelving closet cabinet design feng shui for organize ideas kitchen units.

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