What You Need to Know about Egress Window Requirements

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Egress Window Requirements

Egress window is a window especially designed for helping someone escape from their home if there is fire. Before installing this at home, there are some egress window requirements that should be taken into considerations. Otherwise, the egress window won’t work as expected. As a result, installing it will be such a waste.

Three Main Egress Window Requirements

  1. Basic regulation

If you are deciding to install an egress window at home, it is best to know the basic regulation of egress window requirements that have something to do with the sizes. Yes, when it comes to egress window, size does matter. Here are the size explanations. The minimum net clear opening is 5.7 square feet, width of opening is 20 inches, the height of opening is 24 inches and the maximum sill height above floor is 48 inches.

The measurements of height and weight should be done when the window is open to get the actual size. Those sizes are claimed to fit a human body, so escaping from fire can be done as fluent as possible.

  1. Style of Windows

After knowing the size for egress window installment, now it is time to decide the best style for it. There are plenty of window styles that can be suited to your home. First is awning window. This swing window is perfect for kids and adults with a slim body. Well, if there is fire at home, they can easily open the window and slip through it. There are many types and models of this kind of window that can be adjusted to your room.

Second is casement window. This window appears in a bigger size, so you shouldn’t be surprises that it might take up the space of your wall. However, casement windows are claimed to be ideal egress window requirements. Therefore, it is best to consider installing this kind of window to help escape from fire easily. And the third is glider window. Since it is double glassed window, glider window should appear a little bit bigger from the minimum size. Therefore, it can fit a person to crawl through.

  1. Operability

Other egress window requirements are that the windows must be operable from the inside without the use of keys, other separate tools, and even specific abilities to open them. This is very crucial because when there is fire at home, panic is somehow unavoidable. Weill, it needs an operable egress window for the escape plan. If needed, ladders should be every time attached to the window for an easy getaway.

Additionally, you may need to provide a space for a basement egress window. This aims to give a room after successfully crawling through the window. Although it is pretty costly, it will be worthy as once you have decided to install an egress window at house, you have to be well prepared. You may also need to put an emergency sign in order to make the other people notice that you have an egress to escape the fire. All in all, the egress window requirements mentioned above should be truly applied.

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