Navy Blue Bathroom Rug Set

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Navy Blue Bathroom Rug Set in your bathroom can added comfort and calm feeling into your bathroom space. Buying bathroom rug set means that you are buying all in one bathroom set. For example if you buy this 3 pieces navy blue bathroom set that considered from bathroom rug mat, contour and toilet lid cover. This bathroom rug is available in $17.50. Next, want to have more décor in your bathroom rug? Then you can choose this 3 piece bathroom set Fiori pattern. It cost $26.99 with large contour rug, and lid purple cover.

Navy Blue Bathroom Rug Set

Bathroom rug is available in wide range shape, color and pattern. When you buy bathroom rug, you want to have bathroom rug that fit well into your bathroom space, it is not too small or too large and will not shifted when open and close door. If you want to buy bathroom rugs, then there are several things that you need to consider such as the material, color, and shape.

  • The material that usually come in bathroom rugs such as cotton, polyester, and nylon. Cotton bathroom is comfort it is absorbent and often shrink when it washed. If you have bathroom with heavy traffic because you have one bathroom for all families, then you need to choose bathroom rugs from nylon and polyester.
  • The color from bathroom rug can add different look to your bathroom. For example, light color bathroom rug can make your small bathroom look bigger. However, this type needs to wash often, especially if you have pets.
  • Choose low-pile synthetic bathroom rug as it can dry faster and wearable better especially for you who have bathroom that tends to damp. For non-slip bathroom surface, choose cork rug or sisal that made from natural materials.

There are three type of bathroom rug that you can consider for choose. The first one is bathroom mat. This is usually use for soak up foot and prevent damage floor from water and moist. The second type is bathroom contour rug. This is bathroom rug that fit with toilet base around and protect the floor while give underfoot softness. Next type is toilet lid cover. This is an important bathroom rug that fit into toilet seat and protects the toilet lit from scratches. In addition, this can add bathroom color and decor at once.  You can choose decorative bathroom rugs from light color such as turquoise, garland, or choose darker color such as Navy Blue Bathroom Rug Set above.

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