How much Cost Of Adding A Bathroom?

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Cost Of Adding A Bathroom can be varies depend to the size and what you add into the extra bathroom.  The cost is varies with factors to consider such as shower/tub added, the tile installation, toilet/sink and vanity added, backsplash, electrical, plumbing, and the size whether it will be full or half bathroom.  Today cost for adding bathroom is about $16.000 and more depend to the material and fixtures, location of plumbing and electric, and whether you hire the professional or do with DIY project. The total cost that you need to spend when you add bathroom is about 5%-10% of your total home value. The cost for adding bathroom is cost that you spend for your home investment. Before you start your bathroom project, you can consult with professional about the cost that you need to spend.

How much Cost Of Adding A Bathroom?

When you choose add bathroom space, then walk in closets most often turn out as the option for powder rooms. You also can make bathroom in low ceiling area if you want to use a very effective space use. Adding bathroom can be use tricky trick to squeeze the space you need for this extra bathroom. You can make this additional bathroom into amazing small size start from 3feet and 5 feet that allow toilet and sink, and the 3 feet by 8 feet that able to shower installment for daily enclosures.  When you chose to add extra bathroom, If you want to add extra bathroom to your home then there are several options to consider.

First place to consider is walk in closet design. This is how you can create half bath of oversized walk in bedroom closet by considers few structural changes in your design. Next place to add bathroom is part from your bedroom. If you consider putting additional bathroom in your large bedroom, then you can steal 3 feet from one side of large part from your bedroom.  Take toilet in end of new room, shower and sink that opposite to the door with partition. Third place to add bathroom is under staircase. Consider sink and toilet is perfectly option to add under stairs. Next place is adding bathroom into your existing bathroom. You can split your large bathroom into two separately bathroom. Most of standard bathroom with sink, toilet and tub require at least 5-6 feet.  Next is closets back to back bathroom. This is what called with adjoin the closets as much as 4×4 feet size that enough measurement for create small bathroom.

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