Top 10 Mexican Tile Designs for 2017

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While elegant modern designs are still very important in the market, many homeowners and designers are looking for authentic and natural elements. Designers splash in the art and design of many ancient and modern cultures, different pieces to create dynamic design. Mexican tile designs are an example which is very popular with many owners and designers, thanks to its numerous advantages. They make a great focal accent on a high wall courtyard, back wall or table.

History of Mexican tiles

The Mexico is known worldwide for its skillful craftsmen in a variety of fields. Mexican tile history dates from the late 16th century, circa 1570 These handmade tiles have actively played a leading role both as functional and decorative tiles. Also known as Mexican Talavera tiles were widely used in Mexico to decorate a wide range of spaces kitchens, walls, Foundation, interiors of homes and churches luxury property. Both are a great point and focal tiles accent when used in indoor and outdoor spaces for all, but especially backsplash, walls and tables.

Mexican tiles are handmade by local Mexican clay that is fired at a temperature that allows the clay to undergo chemical changes and harden. Are then glazed and decorated by hand, and then fired again to give the final finish and unique.

Mexican tile designs

These tiles come in a variety of designs ranging from solid colors and traditional Mexican drawings to nature, and special custom designs. As a buyer, you have a wide range to choose from.

Solid tile set-these sets are available in a wide variety of styles, incorporating various deep colors and rich in a set.

Decorative tile Sets-these highlight the artistic skills of Mexican artisans. Are hand colored and unique theme. Can be animals, flowers, fruits and vegetables or tile.

Mixed chips games-this is usually a combination of solid games and decorative tiles. They offer a variety of unique styles.

Card games-these tiles are themed to represent the different aspects of life. Common themes are the Sun and the Moon, the Southwest, fruits and vegetables, animals and flowers.

Mexican tiles is functional, quaint, beautiful and practical. Provides an area of wall or floor-length that is easy to handle and maintain. Not only are these beautiful handmade tiles are available in a myriad of unique, but can be installed and work well in any area in which to enjoy the warmth and beauty.

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