Managing Your Own Project of A Simple Book Shelf Design

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A simple book shelf design can really spark up your personal living space and add up the homey atmosphere into your home. The book shelf doesn’t have to be exclusive or grandeur. It doesn’t even have to be expensive as you can always make one for your own. However, if you really want to create a visually interesting piece without compromising function, there are some great ideas that you can try. Don’t worry as you don’t have to master any skills to make them all.

Managing Your Own Project of A Simple Book Shelf Design

Creating A Wonderful Piece A Simple Book Shelf Design

  1. Repainting the Old Shelf

In the event that you already have an existing book shelf and you want to make it look new or refresh the style, it doesn’t hurt to repaint it with a new color. If you happen to have an old wooden shelf and you are thinking about polishing it or applying a glossy seal on it, feel free to do so. Some people may go bolder by having a completely different color to the work. You may start with a wooden brown shelf and end up with a glossy red shelf. People may like it and they probably think that you buy a new one. Repainting can help you a lot, simply by doing a seemingly unimportant thing.

  1. Managing the Layout

A book shelf on the corner of the room or behind the sofa may be quite general and common. What about a book shelf as the headboard? Not only it is unique but it is also handy if you like reading so much and you like reading until you doze off. A simple book shelf design will be applicable in this setting and condition simply because it will meet your requirement of a simple piece that won’t take a lot of space.

Another unique placement on wall mounted shelf within the home office or the living room can also make the shelf stand out among the others. Try the glass mounted shelf or the really thick transparent plastic. It will make your books look like floating.

  1. Getting Creative

Who says you can’t create a shelf from unused items around you? Two ladders and several planks can make up a unique and also big book shelf. This is ideal when you have lots of books in your possession. Do you know that you can also create a simple shelf from unused skateboards? Yes, line the two of them together and connect them with metal pole or stick. The more skateboards you have, the more layers of shelves you can create.

You can also create a shelf from old wooden crates or boxes. Whether you want to paint them or not, they can be laid out in unique shapes so you will have your own personalized wall mounted shelf, and no one can make it look like yours.

Managing your own book shelf doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy if you know how. You can try different kinds of models or layouts, up to your preference. Just remember that a simple book shelf design can make everything look different in the simplest manner.

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