How to Manage the Design of Carriage Style Garage Doors

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If you want to deliver somewhat a classic and old school ambiance to your property, choosing the carriage style garage doors can be a great option. This type of garage door has its own unique flair that you won’t find from other types of styles. Naturally, there are some options available out there so how do you know that a specific style is the right one for you or your property?

Carriage Style Garage Doors and the Past Classic Appeal

These carriage style garage doors are definitely different from the modern doors in terms of usage and also style. Unlike the modern rolling door, this carriage model has the old-school shape and also usage. It usually has handles on the middle that can be used to push or pull the door. It has slats or openings on the upper area which can be covered in glass. In some designs, the garage owner would only provide small slats without any covering to improve airflow so the garage won’t be too humid or too cramped. So, what elements should you consider when choosing for the right door?

  1. Color

Carriage Style Garage Doors

There are various colors for these carriage style garage doors and the dominant ones are black, white, and brown. Depending on the outcome you want to achieve, you need to choose the right hue. If you are looking for a traditional and old school effect, go with white or brown. If you choose black, it somehow creates a more sophisticated and modern look. Some people have several color combinations such as black and white or brown and black. Choose wisely so the outcome of the garage will be a match to the style of your property.

  1. Layout

Carriage Style Garage Doors2

Some of the garages have different layout, which lead to different layout of the door (and its design). The most common one is the two door arrangement, followed by the one long and continuous door. It is better, though, to have the two door arrangement because it gives you a better flexibility and options. If you want to have a more creative and unique outcome, you are free to include two different door models with different colors as well. For the long and continuous door model, the arrangement can be a bit complicated. Sometimes, two different mechanisms are included, such as the regular opening – closing and the sliding mechanism. The design to choose is up to you,

  1. Added Accents

Carriage Style Garage Doors3

Some homeowners prefer the simple and plain design while some may want to decorate the door. After all, the garage is a part of the property and it should get the same attention and care like the rest of the area. Some may add vines around the door. Some may had accent colors for the extra element. Some may focus on the opening slats or areas on the upper part. You are free to decorate the carriage style garage doors but be sure to keep it down and don’t overdo it.

Even the seemingly simple element like the color or design can seriously affect the look of the garage door. That’s why you should plan the layout and design of your carriage style garage doors so you won’t make costly mistakes in the future.

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