How to Maintain White Quartz Worktops

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White Quartz Worktops

White quartz worktops can make your kitchen and bathroom look stunning. However, it is quite a problem when the worktop starts getting dirty. The color won’t be white anymore. Instead, it will be a yellowish or brownish quartz worktop. You surely do not want to let this thing happen, right? So, check these tips on how to maintain your worktops.

Maintaining White Quartz Worktops

  1. Do a regular cleaning

To prevent your white quartz worktops from being yellowish or brownish, you should do a regular cleaning to it. Simply clean it with a soft cloth and warm water every day, whether it is dirty or not. Similarly, if you accidentally spill up colorful liquids on it, clean it immediately. This simple action is effective to avoid sticky stains coming to your worktop. The longer you keep the dirt, the harder it is to clean.

  1. Cover the worktop with an anti-scratch product

Perhaps you have already known that white quartz worktops contain the hardest materials on earth. Thus, they won’t easily get chipped or scratched. However, preventing is always better than fixing. That is why you need an anti-scratch cover in a certain area of your worktop, especially in the area that you regularly use for cutting meat, vegetables, or any other cooking materials. For worktops in the bathroom, this anti-scratch product should cover the area where you usually put the razor or shaver.

  1. Clean the stains immediately

As mentioned above, spills on the white quartz worktops should be washed directly. Otherwise, it will leave stains that are hard to clean. To clean the spills, you can use household vinegar with a non-bleach and non-abrasive liquid cleaner. Wash until the spills have gone, and rinse with clean water. After that, dry the worktop with a soft towel or cloth. Meanwhile, if you or your kids accidentally write something with permanent markers on the quartz worktop, the way to clean it is simply by immediately wiping the ink and washes it with plenty of water.

However, if you are too busy to clean the dirt and stains immediately, then you can clean them later with recommended worktop cleanser products. When choosing the cleansers, make sure they do not contain strong chemical products like caustic soda, paint stripper, or even hydrochloric acid. These bleach products can bring harm to your quartz worktop. Since quartz worktops are protected with a sealant, the bleach liquids can eventually break it. If it happens, your worktop could easily be damaged.

  1. Choose the right washing cloth

To clean and maintain quartz worktops, you are suggested to use non-abrasive and microfiber cloths. That’s because those materials are capable of wiping clearly and effectively. Therefore, you won’t need to push an extra energy when cleaning worktops. Besides, those types of cloth can easily dry by themselves.

Those are the tips on how to maintain white quartz worktops. The better the maintenance, the longer your quartz worktop can stay good. As household items are investment, so keeping them good and clean is a must.

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