Tips on Maintaining Mahogany Furniture

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When you decide to move house to a new location and have different characteristics with the previous spot, if you require reasonable adjustments and it’s impact on your life. So it is with the furniture which you take, especially those made ​​of wood. Yes, it does look solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, and strong from the outside, but very difficult to adapt to environmental conditions. Wooden furniture should be placed in a location with the right temperature and humidity, in order to maintain the quality of wood and wood is not easily wilt/seized by termites.

However when wood furniture was moved out of the area with altitude conditions (altitude) which differ drastically, do not be surprised if there is a change – a change in the surface of the wood furniture. Although not all of the wood through this, but there are several types of wood that shows a very noticeable change. One type of wood that is very sensitive to changes in elevation is mahogany wood.

Why mahogany will easily become damaged when placed in locations with different heights?

Mahogany will show changes on a surface when placed in a location with a striking difference in height. This height difference is usually caused humidity to be changed, where the higher the location of the location of the boundary sea level, the lower the moisture content / water content in the air. This triggers mahogany becomes unstable. Mahogany needs enough moisture to keep the moisture content in the wood structure, so it is not easy to crack.

When the water content is reduced, consequently mahogany wood will crack, fragile, even split / shift. These changes are usually not directly arise immediately within one or two days, but within a few weeks and a few months, then the changes can be identified.

How to deal with mahogany furniture that cracked?

When the crack happened to the wood surface so large and conspicuous, certainly needed professionals to fix it. But if cracks or brittleness that occurs quite small and can be overcome, then you should try to fix it. With this simple and easy tips, you can fix the cracks in the wooden furniture made ​​of mahogany in an instant. Just prepare all the ingredients and equipment you can get at the store furniture or building material.

The steps are:

  1. Peel the paint used on the cracked / brittle. Use sandpaper and rub gently. Be careful in sanding, not to the part that cracked. To clean flakes chipped paint, use a rough cloth. To flake or dust into the cracks between, use a toothpick to remove it.
  2. Mix putty listed as recommended on the label, then stir with a flat. So that does not look flashy putty, putty select a color that matches the color of mahogany furniture to be repaired. Thus, the former putty be disguised.
  3. Use plastic materials for applying putty on wood surfaces as well as flattening. Make sure that all parts of the wood putty to cover the cracks. For hollow sections, apply a thicker putty.
  4. For wood putty spill, clean it with a sponge so the spilled mixture not about the surrounding area. Then, set aside some time for the putty to dry completely.
  5. Once the wood surface is finished, puree with sandpaper until the surface looks similar to another piece of furniture, so furniture is not going to seem like putty results. If there are pieces of wood, wash again with a rough cloth.
  6. Apply paint coating / protective thin layer on the surface that has been sanded. Use a brush with a soft brush. For maximum results, use this coating paint many times. Let the first coat dry for at least 8 hours before you apply the second coat of paint.

Tips to maintain the durability of wooden furniture from mahogany

Mahogany is quite sensitive and fragile, especially if the wood is not placed in the appropriate humidity conditions. If moisture conditions are not suitable, it is possible cracks and brittleness worse. However, you can prevent this by applying varnish to the wood surface at least once a week.

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