The House of Louis Vuitton Becomes Museum

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The Monogram composed of the initials is one of the most famous brands, and falsified in the world. Louis Vuitton, designer of great renown, but also reckless, Headstrong man and is certainly one of the most famous characters of the fashion industry.

The company that created in the second half of 1800 is indelibly associated with the theme of luxury (especially from that, merging with Moët Hennessy, in 1987 the maison Vuitton created the Lvmh group) as that of the journey since the first of the great iconic objects that made the fortune of the young Louis was precisely the trunks that all the powerful of the world ordered.

It is therefore quite curious to discover that it was a trip to kick off one of the most incredible stories of fashion and the industry in General; but don’t plan a trip full of amenities like those that did and make Louis Vuitton customers, but a very tiresome, 450 kilometres of well that our young future designers performed on foot to cover the distance separating his hometown of Anchay, from blazing Paris where he found his lucky star. Just fourteen years the young Louis left behind the mountains that saw him rise to begin work as an apprentice in the capital and his first job was in a laboratory that produced their trunks; the owner liked right away with gradually more important tasks and customers to wrapping, in 1852, a toiletry bag for Empress Eugenie.

A few years later Vuitton started his own and has a brilliant idea; the means of transportation were changing, carriages and cars are progressively replaced by this new type of carrier the curved shape of the lids of chests that until then were produced was very uncomfortable; better to flatten the cover and open the doors to a great little revolution.

Thus began the great fortunes of Vuitton who, as featured in a nice article by Stefano Montefiori on weekly Seven, in 1859 he moved in Asnières, near Paris, where you will live and take office even its new laboratories, much larger and now needed to meet demands that rained down from the four corners of the planet.

Today the villa where the genial designer lived is open to the public, by appointment, to show enthusiasts with a staggering amount of documents (about 200,000) and articles (over twenty-three) belonged either to Vuitton’s to his many and wealthy clients. A journey through time, but also the genius of a great entrepreneur.

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