Why Log Homes?

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Log homes have been becoming American all times favorites, especially among those who wish to have a beautiful natural house, where they can experience the nostalgic feelings of residing in the country sides. Not only functioned as a holiday cabin, log homes can be great concepts for residential houses as well. You can instantly get the “back to nature” home design with great air circulation for the summer time and a perfect heat-lock mechanism for the extreme winter season.

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Why Log Homes?

The architecture of log homes give many advantages in comparison to the common brick structures. Here are some of the benefits of this natural home design concept for the home owners:

Log homes are strong and suitable for all the 4 seasons, even in their most extreme condition.

Based on some post hurricane and extreme winter reports, many log homes could survive the storm and keep all the residents warm and safe inside. This is because the structure and natural concept of the log house are best suited to adapt with all conditions happen in the Mother Earth.

Log homes support the “Go Green” concept.

For sure, trees are one source that can be plant, although it may need time to grow. It means that trees are not nonrenewable material. Moreover, log homes are incredibly strong and durable,  which means that you won’t need any renovation in a short period of time. There are many examples of log homes that are still strong and well preserved even though they are almost a hundred year old. The rustic logs, for some people, add the beauty and elegance of the house. It also increases the value of the house. In addition, the right log homes construction is proven to be energy efficient (up to 30% of energy reduction compare to common housing construction). Log homes are also relatively cheaper to build.

Log homes can also be set to meet modern requirements.

Having a log home does not always mean that you also have to also live traditionally. Traditional carpentry is a perfect match of modern luxury. There are countless ideas on how this natural exterior blends perfectly with modern interior designs.

Some Tips to Consider before Building Log Homes.

In this section, you will read some tips to assure your log homes quality:

  1. Make sure the log used is completely dry. It is because log is a natural material which can shrink or expand due to the weather and temperature changes. Dry logs will minimize the risks.
  2. Carefully plan your log homes’ designs to maximize the functions and efficiency in all aspects based on your needs and preferences.
  3. Select the log house manufacturer or company based on several considerations, including reputation, experiences, reliability, credibility of the architects and the builders, customer reviews, and price. Do extensive research on this and make sure to come and see them in person before you decide.
  4. Choose the best location so that you can enjoy the interior, exterior, and surrounding environment. Some people like to buy not only the land, but also the view.

If having a natural concept is in your top priority, log homes are the best option for you.

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