Why Build with Cedar Log Homes?

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If we’re planning to building or buying a home, we could consider the possibility of choosing one of the many cedar log homes (wooden house) that several industry professionals serve as a viable alternative to the classic building.

According to what you read apparently from the energy point of view these buildings be able to halve the energy needs of an average family, but is this really the case? In this article we will look at the bottom of this whole thing, finding that things are not exactly as we tell.

A war between companies

For two weeks I sought information as to the real convenience of a log homes compared to a classic, but it’s really very difficult to get data not loaded because, on this issue, you are consuming a real war between manufacturers. If you go on sites whose wooden factory looks like it is super convenient, if you go on those who employ the brick apparently treated wood to last both carcinogenic and then on forums you consume pathetic teatrini fake users who register to bring evidence of their mysterious and amazing wooden house, built by the firm X incredibly serious and at ridiculous prices.

If you look at your Google searches about this subject, we find that the phrase “wooden houses” is searched more than 40,000 times per month and has very high competition. If Google let’s “Agrees a wooden house” or “costs more a wooden house” are almost exclusively sites of manufacturers who, slyly, write articles derogatory to limit us in choosing.

So beware, because they are all there for us to choose from so little conscious and clear. Again so it was necessary a deep analysis, maths and reading specific standards to shed light on the real convenience of wooden houses (log homes) than clay, and what I discovered is quite concerned.

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Before we explain what really is a log homes, and to debunk some myths about it, we speak for the appearance of interest that, as always, about the damn money.

We can say, in General, all line that the right price of a house the wood should be somewhere around 1300 € per square meter. After the L’Aquila earthquake, because the wooden houses have a strong earthquake resistance, in some regions prices have skyrocketed, reaching even to €2500 per meter.

You can’t universally say that a wooden house costs less or more than one, because, according to the place in which we live, and particularly to its climate, requires different measures that have different prices, just like the traditional ones. If we talk about “average Italian” we can say that the price of a log homes is slightly higher than that of a home manufactured using traditional materials. As we discussed in a recent article on the cost of building a home, these values are around at an average of 1100 euros per square meter, while a log homes travels on an average of 1300, but it’s a given that it makes no sense to give, because it depends on too many factors.

The network are companies that promise buildings of this kind at prices even lower than 1000 euros, but often it is the usual rip-off, a low price declared to attract more customers as possible, but that then turns out well below what we pay to work completed. How do they do it? Always, in the back pages of the agreement (the contract), written in small, there is an endless list of omissions, such as the hire of scaffolding, cranes, transport of materials on site, the price of the foundations and even the workers meals.

Also the quality of the materials used and the wooden structure plays a key role, so, apart from the price per square meter, which I gave just to get a general idea and very superficial, what needs to be done is (as always) get a number of quotes and cross all the information that is provided to us, comparing the prices of traditional house, belonging to the same energy class.

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Ecology is a choice or not?

I mean, if to make log homes need to cut trees, then the impact on the environment have to be dramatic, because it follows a continuous deforestation. In fact, if we look at the numbers and the practices of those who build log home, we find that the impact is minimal. If we talk about deforestation, only the Alps the wood needed to build a house of this type will auto-generate every half a minute, in the sense that the pace of forest growth is such that even cutting trees, not abrade minimally an ecosystem so vast as our forests. It must also be said that there are precise rules on deforestation in the sense that this, today, can only be done in a controlled manner, i.e. avoiding to raze whole forests and leaving a fair number of trees that ensure regrowth.

Ultimately then the use of wood is one of the choices with a lower environmental impact, it is in fact one of the few resources that only needs to land, water and air for regeneration, unlike many other materials used in construction, that exploit natural resources in a much less sustainable.

However… There is a though. The wood, as well as nature provides, you made it to rot and return to the earth in its normal life cycle. To make it last is dried in special rooms and treated with special chemicals that kill all insects that live in the log home, so they do not degrade. It is mostly of insecticides and fungicides that are generally not toxic to humans, but still require industrial processes to be prepared. Are also treated with agents that improve heat resistance.

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Then a log or masonry home?

If we put all the information on the table we find that in terms of energy matters only as a dwelling is classified, the material used can help us to more easily reach this milestone, but eventually the consumption will be the same. From the point of view of price log homes are more expensive than about a 10% than brick, but even if they are very long, have certainly lower than traditional houses.

If we talk about ecology, the speech becomes complicated, but certainly the belief that a wooden house is completely natural is easily disproved by the fact that the foundations are not in wood, if we want the wineries they are made of reinforced concrete and the wood is treated chemically to last, otherwise it will rot quickly. The good news is that the log or wooden structures are somewhat more resistant to earthquakes than those made of concrete.

Today I wanted to shed light on biased information and scams that you found on the net about this topic because when you decide to employ all your money or borrow for many years, we should at least be clear about what we’re buying.

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