Made Log Cottage with A Large Area of Glazing

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Building a log house with manual felling is an extremely time consuming process in which each step is important: logging, its breeding, processing and transportation. All this is as important as the choice of components and equipment, furniture and decor. According to the architect Dmitry Abramov, for the erection of a log cottage it needs at least two construction seasons.

According to tradition, followed by the “Jekostroj Center”, and the company builds homes from 1996 year, construction applies only first-class material is larch wood from Irkutckoj areas and pine trees growing on the border of Arkhangelsk and Kirov regions. Northern Forest, featuring a very high density, when using “right” diameter logs, from 28-30 cm is ideal for home, designed for permanent residence. Therefore, on the basis of the dimensions of the building took a log with an average diameter of 36-38 cm. The site is located on a slope near the ski slope, which determined the particular properties of the cottage to the cardinal points, because it depended on what kind of opens from the living room and the attic floor.

The company has paid great attention to the prevention of heat loss. Due to the large areas of glazing autonomous heating system made as efficient as possible and to ensure good thermal insulation of exterior designs-roof, walls and floor of the first floor. For inter-curbing insulation used high quality German material Klimalan from specially treated wool, thereby not only drastically reduce heat loss, but also to improve the soundproofing inside the premises. The Foundation of the House warm front along the perimeter of the CAP, that an estimated further reduces heat loss at 17-20%.

To give the two-storey house more modern architectural appearance during the construction used different technologies: the first floor is made as a log cabin, Mansard-clad vertical frame. On the first floor of the log walls are impregnated with protective compounds that helped preserve the natural look of wood, the second is they Protection Board and covered with white paint.

In planning, of course, take into account the wishes of the owners. The first floor is occupied by a vestibule, boiler room, living room with fireplace, joint with dining area and kitchen, office, dressing room, bathroom and a small steam room. Mansard — four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Double staircase with the rotation, made by author’s sketches, made entirely of solid pine, however, each structural element made from logs of a certain diameter: from the largest — tombstone, smaller diameter is smaller yet guides — balusters and railings.

Great attention is paid to the decor in this project and decoration of interior space. The abundance of details, made log cottages manually by the masters Stroganovki, makes this home a unique work of art. An important role in the decoration of the play forged items ranging from chandeliers and ending with undulating motifs in the decoration of protections. Metal lamp in the living room, decorated with stained glass inlays, is one of the most memorable accents around the object. It defines the nature and other forged items designed to complement and support the main semantic Center of the space.

The bulk of the ceilings covered with wood, and part is plastered and painted by hand. Each piece has its own finished ornamental drawing, but they all performed in one technique and style. The floor in the living room is covered with Chinese carpet with a pattern of repeating some other products in the home, for example, a thread on individual parts of furniture.

In turn, the sponsors skillfully hid all the technical elements necessary to a modern structure, is the system of air-conditioning, “warm floors” and much more. They are not conspicuous: the Interior looks organic and holistic, whereas all the excess removed in a specially reserved for this room. The functionality of technical equipment, while in no way lost.

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