How To Restore Log Cabin Homes

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Log cabin and homes energy efficient, durable and ascetically pleasing, log can be found in the United States and worldwide. Log house require loving care. Over time, the natural elements and air pollutants can cause dirt and moisture damage. Log cabin homes need to be cleaned, repaired and maintained.

Clean the external logs

• Use a stiff bristle broom to sweep external logs manually to remove debris and dust. Be sure to clean around the Foundation and under eves. Wash the logs with a pressure hose. A pressure washer can be used, but keep the pressure low. You want to wash the logs, not strip them of their sealer. Allow to air dry.

Treat logs with preservative. Re-stain and reseal as required.

Consult a professional to choose the right products to use on your log homes. There are a plethora of products available from log home building supply stores to lighten, weathered gray wood, to clean or remove old coatings and others to protect against moisture and insect damage.

• Inspect your home. Old or damaged caulking and noise can be cut out and replaced with new modern materials. Modern products are much more durable and elastic than ringing the mortar Rumor used in the past. There are various colors to choose from to match the colors used previously. Take some of the chips of the old material with you when buying new caulking or chipping.

Log home renovation contractor interview if rotted logs must be replaced. You may be able to make some minor repairs, but repairs affecting the structural integrity of the House should be left in the hands of artisans experience registry.

• Protect the Foundation. Remove snow buildup against the logs around the base of the building register. Snow slipping and sits against the logs all winter can cause a lot of moisture damage.

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