Living Room Ideas for Small Houses with Some Applicable Tips

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Living room takes important role in home decoration. There are some living room ideas for small houses that can be applied easily and effectively. Before decorating the room, you need to know the basic concept when redesigning small living room. Focus of this project to make room spacious, though the size is small. That is not easy, but you can check some tips below as reference.

living room interior designs for small houses

Tips to Decorate Small Living Room

  1. High ceiling

Two rooms have the same size, but one contains high ceiling. You may think high ceiling makes room look bigger than another. This matter is true that’s very useful to apply on small living room. Try to put few paintings in vertical composition and avoid horizontal arrangement on the wall. Well, you give the guest and visitor the center of attention to those paintings. They see from below to the top area then creating bigger perspective. You may not have time to redesign room with high ceiling mode. Another solution is changing the ceiling contour. Flat design limits eyesight. On the other hand, transforming ceiling into circular or oval contour will give a spacious perspective.

  1. Neutral color

The easiest way to decorate small room is via color arrangement. Dark colors are not recommended for small room. Instead of bigger and specious feeling, the room with dark color looks limited and full of boundary. In order to prevent such condition, it is better to put bright and neutral colors for living room. White is the most popular choice to apply for living room. Avoid more than three colors in single room. Having many colors will give heavy effect and it is not suitable for small room. As part of living room ideas for small houses, changing color is simple and applicable. Keep in mind that the accents for room are not only important for the wall, but also for the other parts such as floor and furniture.

  1. Mirror

Some people suggest having more windows for living room in order to make it look big and spacious. That is good idea, but some homes may not eligible to install windows. Another way is mirror as solution to give extended perspective. You may not put real mirror on the wall, but you can give reflective accent to certain part of room.

  1. Small furniture

Small room comes with small furniture. That is common sense and good idea to apply. Try to put sofa with lower ground clearance from the floor. This kind of sofa is only for two or three people. Having small furniture will give enough space for people to walk around. Besides the small furniture, this room only has necessary furniture to place. It is better to keep the room as functional and practical as possible without the unnecessary furniture.

  1. Lighting fixture

Another way to decorate small living room is by choosing the proper lighting fixture. Add more light to expand eyes perspective. Lighting fixture also uses neutral color in order to create bigger space. Arrange lighting fixture on the top ceiling and avoid desk lamp. High ceiling combined with elegant lighting will increase the aesthetic aspect of the room. Moreover, it is also part of vertical approach when decorating the room. Therefore, you will enjoy having implementation for living room ideas for small houses designs house philippines in india decor homes interior pictures of a decorating design the mobile decoration color modern simple tiny style furniture layouts indian layout.

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