How to Design a Living Room Furniture

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Increase more and more, especially in recent years, DIY fans also regarding the furniture. Availability of materials, thanks to the spread of dealers of equipment and materials to do it, helped a lot. In fact, today, it is much cheaper to develop and build a piece of furniture. Obviously you don’t need to do it just to save money, but also for those who love, for those who want to undertake this activity or hobby do makes you. These design and implementation are perfect for modern homes, but also to those even more rustic, houses for holidays. The bespoke furniture, designed and built with DIY, exploiting the spaces available and furnish, optimally, each environment. Furniture design can be among the most varied, but this guide explains how to design a living room furniture, explaining step by step every action, easily and also to get good results.

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Make sure you have these tools:

  • Measures and planning on paper
  • Wood
  • PVA glue
  • Drill and screwdriver
  • Tura pores – water based stain – finishing
  • Coarse sandpaper and order
  • Sponge paintbrushes to dye
  • Glue brush
  • Reggi plans
  • Hammer – nails and screws

If you have a lounge which has an open area, maybe some angle to fill or even an entire wall to be furnished, you can take the steps in detail and design a mobile with open compartments and containers closed by doors. The beauty of the design lies in the optimization and the latter will have to consider whether the use you intend to make, that the environment in which it will be placed, this in relation to the size of the wall or angle, which are meant to receive it. So try to make the most of this advantage.

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If you opt for designing a library, you will need to get a lot of material (wood and paints) and have a minimum of familiar with the bonding and dye, while minor measure furniture, the whole process becomes easier, including assembling and painting. We consider that each piece of furniture, shall be provided with lateral support and in the case of extended structures, also of uprights between one side and the other. The base of the mobile will be made with a simple wooden table or creating a socket. For make no mistake, it is good to plan the whole creating a drawing on graph paper and bringing back the measurements of the room or the angle to be furnished, creating the design cabinet that we want to build. Open spaces alternating with some door closed, constitute the living room furniture more functional, for storing objects in view in the plans (books, knickknacks), and other less delicate aesthetic or at branches. Measures of space, design according to your taste, as needed and available space.

Realized the furniture design, you are already halfway there. At this point it makes a list of the material and various equipment that will serve for the construction and after you can go to a DIY centers and buy all the necessary material. Better to prefer the solid wood, choosing from less valuable wood (pine) or moving to the finest wood as wood Walnut (for those who prefer dark colors) or ash (for those who love light colors). Very nice also the chestnut wood, will give mobile a rustic appearance but hot. In these shops you may require cutting wood, presenting a full list of measures of the plans of the hips, base and mobile hat. You must also buy the tura pores and tint (if you plan to dye the mobile), and finally, polished or satin finish, along with glue and to hold plans. The leaves may be purchased ready made or performed by us.

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To assemble the various parts you will start from the base, then assemble the sides reinforced crosses and hat. In the Assembly we will make use of glue and nails. The plans will need supports, (on the market you can find different types). To dye the wood you will can sand it out with coarse sandpaper and then end, pass the bottom (tura pores), sand again with fine grained paper, dye with water and after drying paint and lightly sanded finish with its Polish. Prevent smearing of glue that do not allow the color to soak the wood. The doors, if present, will be fastened with hinges.

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