What Is Laminate Flooring Made of? Getting the Real Facts

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Have you ever asked yourself what is laminate flooring made of? It is the newest growing trend in home décor and home improvement, designed to create a certain style and amazing finish. How come a floor looks like a wood and yet it is not? Well, you should be looking at the technology, for this matter. Thanks to the advanced technology and the make, we can even have various styles and outcome from the laminate floor, such as weathered metal, reclaimed wood and natural stone. So, today’s laminate floor can also be made looking like stone or metal. How cool is that?

What Is Laminate Flooring Made of? Getting the Real Facts

What Is Laminate Flooring Made of? Understanding the Technology

You probably have understood the benefits of having the laminate floor to your home interior but what about the technology? How long should it last? How is the correct way to maintain and care for it? There are some facts that some people may not know about the laminate floor.

  • The Construction

First of all, laminate floor is designed and constructed within layers. Because there are many different layers, each of them has different names and functions. The bottom one is called the backing whose function is as the moisture resistance. On top of it, there is the inner core, made from the fiberboard (the high density one) reinforced with a special type of resin to improve durability and moisture resistance.

Next is the image design layer, which is responsible for the image effect. If you find laminate floor with stone effect, metal look, or wooden appearance, it is because of this layer. And then, there is the top layer, known as the wear layer. It is designed to protect the overall layers from tear and wear, especially for the design from scratches or fading. Basically, it depends on the laminate photographic quality to determine the attractive appeal of the floor. This is your answer to your question, “What is laminate flooring made of?”

  • The Installation

This type of floor is also known as the floating floor because you don’t need the real wood materials (such as engineered or hardwood wood) and the installation is super easy. In most cases, you don’t even have to nail down the floor. You need to have the foam underlayment first and tape it to the floor. This foam underlayment comes in roll so it is light and easy. Once you have laid out the underlayment, you are able to layout the planks.

There are two different installation methods: the glued and the snap-on. As the name suggests, the glued method require you to glue the tile to the floor. It forms a better moisture resistance and it offers better structure. The snap-on is easy – you simply snap the tile together. However, the latter method isn’t as solid as the glued type. The possibility to getting loose is bigger.

Having the laminate floor is definitely more economical than the real wood. But then of course, each floor has their strength and flaws. If you are thinking about having the laminate floor, make sure to get your facts straight. And now that you know about what is laminate flooring made of, you can find out more info and facts about the floor.

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