Best Color For Your Kitchen Wall

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Sometimes in choosing color for the kitchen wall can be a little difficult because there are many options available. But for some people who spent more time in the kitchen, for example, a housewife or a chef. For they have a kitchen with the right wall color is certainly a very influential on comfort.

Surely we want a space where we spend most of our time has design and fixtures that creates the feeling of comfortable.

If you are confused in choosing the color for the walls of your kitchen, do not worry because there are some interior paint colors that has always been a top choice for the kitchen.


All the kitchen with white walls will look classic and clean. The white color is the most popular color, because by using this color will make other accessories like cabinets, tables and floors will stand out. White paint color combination with other yellow accessories will make the room feels more alive and warm.


Red color psychologically can stimulate the appetite and increase energy. Light red is not suitable for cooking room, but the wide variety of colors such as terracotta or red wood colors will make the room feels more cozy and warm. This color is suitable for natural or tropical design style.

Light blue

light blue kitchen wall tiles

Blue can have a chilling effect so it is perfect for balancing accessory in a room which is too full and will raise the level of contrast in the room. You can use a variation of colors with a mixture of blue and green. These colors will make your kitchen looks bright and attractive.


kitchen wall clock yellow

The presence of yellow color can lead to a feeling of comfort and cheerful. Reflections generated by the yellow color is also feels warm for the surrounding decor. You can add white furniture which can create an elegant impression.

Gray and brown

gray kitchen walls with white cabinets

The most suitable colors for the kitchen with modern design style is gray and brown. Both of these color will blend with your stainless steel appliances. However, you should be careful if your kitchen furniture is also dark. If you are not careful with these two colors, it will make the room seems darker.

kitchen wall art wall art for kitchen kitchen wall tile

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