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Nothing changes more often than a trend. Whether it’s cars, interiors or kitchens: every year, designers with new ideas that fit the time and social developments. Country kitchen is no exception. In this article, we will discuss the kitchen trends for 2015.

Now we also have the kitchen trends for 2016 bright.

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Even more kitchen trends

We wrote in November already have a blog about kitchen trends for 2017. In it, we discussed various trends, such as minimalism, the “handle-free kitchen” and the desire for more storage space. Those trends mainly concerned the decor of our kitchen. Of course they do determine the look of the kitchen, but not really the atmosphere. In this article, we will discuss why the kitchen trends that have more influence on the atmosphere of your kitchen.

The trends are based on findings of trend watchers, designers and kitchen manufacturers. They have so sure what to say, but at the same time, a trend also but a trend. At the bottom of this article are links to previous articles on trends and you will see that nothing is more variable than a trend. So inspire, but stay also just follow your own course.

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A sustainable kitchen

In 2015, sustainability is more important than ever. In addition, there is now, more than in previous years, attention to Accessories that make the kitchen more durable. Also devices must be even more economical.

We see sustainability in the kitchen back in two ways: first, through the use of natural materials, such as wood and granite, and through the use of natural colors. That trend is not new: we discussed it a few times already. What is new is the attention to natural cooking and for fresh and natural products. That trend has been around for a while in motion, but we go in 2015 much more. What healthy cooking with the durable kitchen? Not so much, except that you used for sustainable devices.

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Manual work and custom kitchens

Handcrafted kitchens and bespoke kitchens have something very personal and give your kitchen a lot of allure. The crisis was custom kitchens priceless for John Doe. And still John Doe has to save some time, but thanks to clever purchasing strategy is a bespoke kitchen now as expensive as or even cheaper than an ordinary kitchen. Consumers are more and more behind and choose it if they just get the chance, therefore, often for a bespoke kitchen. We expect more customized kitchens in all colors and shapes reflected in 2015.

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Kitchen amenities

Feel, smell, taste and experience is very important in our society becoming increasingly Visual. In the kitchen we see that back in the form of structures and textures that you can feel. Plastic kitchen doors get a wood grain and on and around the kitchen are getting more raw materials applied. That fits in perfectly with the “back to nature” trend we described above and kitchen makes you tough.

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Balance in the kitchen

Another trend that everything with nature and with peace has to do, the trend is towards a more balanced kitchen space. Soft materials with a matte appearance, whether or not in natural colors, peace, cleanliness and regularity. That is in sharp contrast with the trend of a while ago where kitchens were popping. Still there will be kitchens in pop colors are sold, but many consumers choose a quiet image. This is often also the longest and you will be sitting the slowest.

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