36 Sneaky Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most difficult areas in a home to clean and organize. In order to keep your kitchen organized in the right manner, you need to have ample storage space in your kitchen. This will allow you to put everything in its right place so that you can get quick and easy access to it when you need. When it comes to storage, there are several good options like cabinets, drawers, wall-mounted storage cabinets and others. Here are some practical kitchen storage ideas that you must consider.


Drawers allow you to store a wide variety of objects, such as food, utensils and cleaning stuff. They play a vital role in keeping your kitchen clutter free. They also allow you to maximize the free space in your kitchen. Some popular options in drawers are partitions and dual level drawers that you can use to store utensils. A good idea to make the most of this space is to layer these drawers deeply. Deep drawers are also a perfect place for pots and pans.

Corner Storage Space

If you haven’t thought to make use of the empty corner space, think about it as it could be an excellent storage idea. There are many different types of corner cabinets out there that not only add ample storage space, but they enhance the design of kitchen. You can use racks under the corner cabinets to store spices, wines and other food.

Under The Cabinetry

This space can be used for storage. This place is ideal to store wine glasses, cutlery, and other small objects. Under the cabinet space is usually empty because it is too small. You can use it to showcase your expensive drink gear.

Add More Cabinets

If you need more storage space to store big items, consider adding more cabinets to your kitchen. You can opt for wall-mounted cabinets that will make use of empty vertical space in your kitchen. These cabinets look beautiful and add to the design of a kitchen. They are also a perfect storage option for smaller kitchens. One good option in cabinets is higher cabinets that run from floor to the ceiling.

Hanging Baskets

These baskets can be used for both decorative and storage purpose. They can be used to store food like fruits and vegetables. They were a popular storage option in older times, but still you can use them to make use of the empty vertical space in your kitchen.

Planning The Storage Space

Before you use any or all of the above mentioned storage ideas in your kitchen, you should do your homework first. Avoid adding all of these storage choices to your kitchen. Be creative and create a list of things that you want to store in your kitchen. This list will help you choose the right storage option and stay on the right track. You can also get help from a professional kitchen designer to get more kitchen storage ideas.

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