How Big Should Your Kitchen Sink?

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The sink is for many consumers something they buy ‘in’ the kitchen. It is indispensable and should, of course, in the design, but many other conditions are not there. However, it is important to also equally well to reflect on the sink. Which do you need every day and a frivolous choice now can many problems at a later stage. That’s why we put everything here for you one by one.

What sinks are there?

Kitchen sink come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Who thinks there are no trends in sinks are, save the shelf completely wrong: manufacturers of counter tops and sinks increasingly introduce new products. That should distinguish themselves by their shape, design or materials. The round, sinking Bowl with a diameter of 35 centimeters is long gone: we now have square, rectangular and double sinks, stainless steel, aluminum and tiles. Of course, not every design suitable for any kitchen, but there is always something to get that at your kitchen.

Some sinks stand out by their design: they are so minimalist, so tight or so mat that they stand out from the ordinary kitchen sinks. Thereby, they are really on, because a sink is an inconspicuously conspicuous object: you need and make sure not to his strangeness attracts attention. And that’s exactly what manufacturers increasingly are trying to achieve.

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Other sinks stand out by their different character: they have a different shape (for example, a wave in the edge) or are straight forward, with angled walls. Not always convenient, but beautiful.

Sink size: how important?

When we need to determine how large the sink in a kitchen, we always use common sense: it must look nice and it should not be too small and too big. Of course, it doesn’t have the edge, because that doesn’t look. We think.

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Fact is that a sink should be so great that it suits and, at the same time functional. The size of your sink is depending on what you do and how you living in the kitchen and family situation. If you have little cooking and live on yourself, then a regular sink (40 cm) large enough. You have a large family or cook you a lot, then you can choose for a somewhat larger. The difference only a few centimeters to be, but it will save you a lot of content in liters!

A large sink is also useful when you eat all your vegetables and organic vegetarian or should flush: then you’d better have some space.

If you really go for big, then the BLANCORONIS-IF of blank might be a solution: that is 53 centimeters. Because its around, you do need to have a worksheet where it fits in.

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Creative solutions for your kitchen sink

So you look at the design of your kitchen sink, but also the practical side of it. How do you combine a practical and beautiful kitchen?

First you choose a sink design that is large enough to properly do your job. Then you have something beautiful that you also have another lot of job satisfaction.

Additionally, you can choose to take a double sink so you can perform two tasks simultaneously. You can then choose a fixed combination with two sinks and two separate sinks. The advantage of the latter is that you can choose how and where you place the sinks, but if you place them too far apart, it might be unworkable. Moreover, do you need an additional crane because the crane can not reach the two sinks.

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Optionally, you can opt for an elongated basin. You must be careful that he is not too narrow, because then you might not eat or signs more lost.

A final possibility is the children’s signs or excellent sink: this lights a few centimeters from your worksheet. Thereby he falls on, you have a short working distance (so you don’t have to stretch all the way from your arms or other unhealthy antics coming) and he may be larger than normal. However, this works best for tiled sinks: choose a ready-to-use sink, then there must be another extra finishing edge around it, causing the sink very far from your countertops.

If you opt for an oversized sink, then you should keep in mind that you still work surfaces must be at least 10 centimeters wider. In the case of the sink by 53 centimeters, so you definitely need a sheet of 63 centimeters. That looks nice, but for some people it is difficult to come to the back of the sheet and at the tap. Moreover, all those extra inches of space you get off, which could be your kitchen smaller and impractical.

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