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No kitchen without floor. Clear. But which flooring you choose? Each flooring is different, there are trends and there are floors that seem to fit any style. A little guidance is desirable. In this expert guide we put five different popular kitchen flooring in a row and you can read all about the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen flooring.

The importance of a good kitchen floor

Floors are among the parts of a house that are most commonly used. So they have to be durable. Because in most homes in plenty of light, they also can not fade too quickly. They are often a long time, so they need also a bit timeless. And what about all pathogens and dirt particles that can lodge there? You do not, so the floor should also be further hygienic and cleaning-friendly.

If we apply these criteria on a kitchen floor, we will in any case concluded that carpet is not the best choice. The people who think differently, change often feels when an omelette upside falls to the ground…

Of course there is a fifth factor: money. Floors are expensive. You do not pay for the prize, but you want to have something that is good. That’s why we set up this page five of the most popular flooring materials in a row.

wood flooring engineered hardwood flooring louisvuittonsaleson floors with regard to hardwood floors kitchen floor tiles tiles and carpets pertaining to Expert Guide Kitchen Flooring


Price: high

A floor of a hardwood is of course the pinnacle of any kitchen. The hardwood color fades simply never and you can always sanding the floor and attachments. In addition, there are numerous types of wood, ranging from hard to super hard. What did you think of cherry, oak or walnut?

As a customer you can choose between solid hardwood and hardwood edited. The first type is the most expensive, because it is truly massive. The second type of what is cheaper because it is made up of several layers that have been pressed together.

hardwood flooring in the kitchen kitchen designs choose regarding hardwood floors


Hardwood is very popular. Moreover, the material is quite fixed value, so it can also lend a hand in house prices when you put your house for sale. There are many flooring materials that try to imitate hardwood, but nothing is as beautiful as real hardwood. Moreover, the material goes even centuries (!) With it.


Hardwood floors are not always practical when you want a maintenance-free as possible kitchen. There are faster scratching the hardwood floor and is also more difficult to clean. Moreover, you always have to do with the influence of moisture and temperature. Your floor can stretch, shrink and rotate. And the price tag: counting on you to punch a big hole in your bank account …
Hardwood is indeed not only available in heavy, dark colors. You can choose wood in all shapes, sizes and colors. A hardwood species with a lighter color, possibly just painted, fits perfectly in a modern kitchen.
The knots, veins and traces of manual editing your kitchen in addition can give a very distinctive and soothing atmosphere.

Floor tiles

Price: average to high

About tiles touch your unspoken. Thanks to the many modern and classical techniques nowadays to find tiles in all kinds of styles and types. At present, large and super large tiles all the way, but you can also get very small. Even mosaic tiles are among the possibilities.

Besides the baked tiles there are still tiles of natural stone. To talk about wood and concrete tiles but did not. Within each category there are five different hardness grades. And then of course you have all these color differences yet. There is no way you can not find a tile of your liking.

1000 images about kitchen floor on pinterest kitchen floor in kitchen flooring tiles


Moisture is for the tiles no problem, although there is a difference between the one and the other tile quality. Tiles have a hard surface and are therefore extremely durable. Also, most tiles are scratch resistant, so you can continue to use long life. Tiles are also among the most easy-care and hygiene products: you can get them quickly clean almost all cleaning products, but often water and a cloth is sufficient.

Additionally available are tiles in all price ranges, so you can decide where you choose.


Tiles with a smooth finish may be slippery when wet. In addition, there are still cracks and chips occur when there is not careful is handled with objects. Some tile types are inherently unequal, allowing older people and people with foot and knee problems bother to look good on the floor.

Nowadays there are ceramic tiles that combine the beauty of hardwood with the durability of tiles. Often the tiles are also available in “shelf dimensions”, which means they can actually lay as if the wood is.

Travertine tile

Price: average to high

Travertine tile known as name not, but you get the material much opposition as an alternative to marble. Namely, the material has a similar appearance, but is a less expensive class. Often travertine tile used in fireplaces and floors.

kitchen floor tiles kitchen floor louisvuittonsaleson inside kitchen flooring tiles


Travertine has a great look. The material is very durable and much harder than natural stone, tile and hardwood. Therefore, the risk of scratches and chips is a lot smaller.

Moreover because of the natural travertine quarries is a lot less smooth than tiles. With a little care the years can bring.


You do not expect to scratch travertine, but there may be cause stains. Therefore, you must be especially careful with dyes: a glass of red wine can all cause problems.

Because travertine is a natural stone, the material requires more maintenance than other floors. You have the floor to give a turn every two years, so that the porous surface again as stand it.

Perhaps surprisingly, a good floor of travertine can be as expensive as hardwood.


Price: low to medium

Laminate is now found everywhere, from living rooms to bedrooms. The material also fits perfectly in the kitchen. The price tag is relatively low, although the quality is often accordingly. Thanks to the many designs you can take the floor to give a look of hardwood with all the advantages of laminate. Laminate is also a good alternative to hardwood flooring.

wood flooring engineered hardwood flooring louisvuittonsaleson floors with regard to hardwood floors tile flooring in the kitchen kitchen designs choose kitchen within Expert Guide Kitchen Flooring


Would you like to save money? Then laminate the right choice. The material is not only less expensive than hardwoods and tiles, but can also be implemented in all shapes. You have hard and less hard laminate, hundreds of thousands of colors and numerous structures. You can make a great kitchen floor for so little money. Also useful: the floor is relatively maintenance free, not as smooth as tiles and self.


Laminate is not as resistant to moisture as tiles and sailing: the material can warp when it gets wet. So what to think of it that required work in the kitchen. You have a special cleaning product necessary.

Last downside: laminate is not as durable as the aforementioned materials. But yes, there is the price tag than to display…


Price tag: low to medium

Sailing is popular in homes. The product is available in three forms: as planks, tiles and just sail. You can paste the material on the floor, in together or building such as click laminate. There are thousands of species, including species with a wood or tile look.


Sail will not easily splinter and is, in contrast to laminate flooring, very resistant to moisture. The durable surface can withstand most actions, so that there is not easily scratched. Sailing is also gentle on your feet and that is handy if you are suffering from your feet and knees.

The material is in most hardware stores for sale and easy to apply.


Sailing is no longer as popular as before. That has to do with the rise of all kinds of alternative materials, such as laminate and ceramic parquet (although the price tags often differences). Sail is often softer (depending on the surface), which allows you to see where your furniture. Also, the material can discolored and often arises over time a “trail”. It is so important to have a good quality.

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